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Our home has been desperately aching for some updating these past five years. Paint on the walls, a picture hung, new curtains, something. I don't know if I'm nesting or just finally have time and energy or if I just can't take the emptiness of our house anymore but we've started updating and redoing our house mini projects at a time. I'm no interior designer. I think the reason I haven't hung anything on the walls is because I honestly don't know what looks good where. I go to other peoples' homes and see how they throw things together so perfectly and when I try I just don't get it. Slowly I'm figuring it out (thanks Pinterest and Instagram!) and here's what we've got thus far:


The wall behind the couch and the first wall you see when you walk in our house has been blank forever. Just a big, white, blah wall. 


Planning it out
I had our family photos printed with the big black and white being 20x30, (2) 11x17 on either side and random 8x10 and 5x7 floating around it. I don't believe in matching frames but I do like a pattern/theme which is white, wood and hints of gold. Frames from Ikea and Target, I really love matted frames- they just look crisp and finished. Half the photos in black and white with a cute Etsy print framed thrown in. Alls that's missing is this letter O to tie it all together. 

Up Next!

I've always wanted a fireplace. Especially now that we have children I need somewhere to hang our stockings. What do you do when you don't have a fireplace? Build one! Er, have your husband build one!


For the most part this wall has been blank forever and where I always pictured a fireplace. I bought an entryway table a couple years ago which has been pretty lackluster and a waste of $120.

It's not done yet but here's our so far:

The frame is built, the wiring will be set so you won't see any cords and it'll be on with the flip of a switch and by remote control.
Painted white of course.
Rich and Olivia are at Home Depot right now picking out molding.
Either stone or brick will be on the "inside/around" the fireplace.


Minus the terrible wall color and fugly floral chair 

Initially I was just going to put fake candles in it but Rich said no, let's have an actual electric fireplace to warm the home in the winter. God I love him…..

Now I can't wait 'til we can take the baby gates down.


I have been trying to imagine what colors I would do whether this baby is a boy or a girl since Olivia and this babe will be sharing a room. I think I've decided on mint, black and white and gold. It'll work great for either sex, hear me out:

I've already purchased these gold dot vinyls. 

I'm not 100% on starting painting the room quite yet because I'm only getting further and further along and we still have yet to paint the crib, changing table and chair in her room.

On a positive note: I have names picked out! I'm waiting to share because I want to make sure they "fit" the baby when s/he is born but I'm about 95% sure. 

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  1. Love your updates, and that fireplace already looks awesome! We bought a home where they had already done everything. Took 3 years to finally get all the pictures on the walls though :)


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