Our Vacation Part I: Dinosaurs, Rice Krispies Treats, and Belly Dancers


We took off Wednesday morning way too early and rushed to the airport only to find our flight had been delayed two hours. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we had woken Olivia up 3 hours early for the day and this gave her a chance to run up and down the airport and wear herself out prior to boarding. I'm honestly very surprised and proud at how well she handled the flight and didn't fuss. I'm holding out on boasting however, the flight home was a horror.
After a long morning and afternoon we finally landed in Orlando. We had plans to go to the convention but were too hungry and tired and spend the day walking. The convention we were in town for was IAAPA, held annually in Orlando that we've been going to for years. We go for business and always see the latest rides, food, games, water park updates, haunted houses, etc. It's so much fun being able to play, eat and ride everything as much as we want. This is where I found the equipment for my business (more on that later.) Any-hoo we skipped out on that  and headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at T-Rex Café. Pre-kids Rich and I loved this place so there was no doubt we'd take Olivia back there again. If you've ever been to the Rainforest Café this is owned by the same company and set up the same way only prehistoric. Every so often the dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, birds, and weather come to life. We sat in the ice cave and Olivia 'ooh-ed' and 'aww-ed' at the action.
Two thumbs up for T-Rex Café! We're trying to teach Olivia "thumbs up!" and she just puts her fist out with a smile, she hasn't quite figured out the thumb being up part.

After dinner we walked around Downtown Disney and picked up some Rice Krispy treats then headed back to our hotel. The Disney bakery we found had Mickey macaroons, Olaf marshmallows, Mickey caramel apples, and other dangerous sweets I could have had a bender on.
Our hotel was great, we had a two bedroom, two bathroom suite with a full kitchen and living room. We would've gone nuts having a single room without space for Olivia to run around in. The room had a huge Jacuzzi tub to bathe Olivia in. Sounds great, right? Au contraire. I couldn't lean over the tub to wash her, I had to hop in with her to give her a bath. Getting in was easy. Getting out was another difficult and slippery story.
I have no idea how she knows what this is and what it's for.
1. We don't have phones in our house other than our cell phones.
2. I don't talk on the phone. She's seen me do it maybe a few dozen times.
3. I had to unplug this 1980s phone from the wall and eventually put it above the armoire because she was on the verge of breaking it.


Thursday we spent the day at IAAPA where Olivia crashed after only two aisles of fun. We found a ball pit and couldn't pull O out of it. It gave Rich and I a chance at a much needed stop to rest our feet while she buried herself and popped up yelling "WHOA!" Rich's new winter project: build a ball pit.

Thursday night we had dinner with our Florida family and friends at Vivo's on City Walk in Orlando. With all the aunties and friends who haven't seen Olivia in months it gave Rich and I a chance to have a mini break because they had a blast running around with her in City Walk.

Our friends flew in very last minute on Thursday to join the party. They didn't even know they were coming to Florida until that day! Such a fun surprise having them join us.

Thursday night everyone went out for Rich's mom's birthday and since Olivia and I were too little and too pregnant for the bar scene we headed back to our hotel and polished off everyone's Rice Krispy treats and watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air since someone hid the remote and that's all we could watch.


 After more IAAPA fun we decided we needed a fun large group dinner. I googled around and found Taverna Opa. If you go to Orlando and want a fun dinner you have to go here! Make sure you get there around 6:30pm so you're seated and ready for the "show" to start at 7pm.

We threw napkins.
We danced on the table. (Well I didn't)
We danced with belly dancers.
We threw napkins.
We watched drinks and food be lit on fire.
We threw LOTS of napkins.
We danced throughout our entire dinner.

Top to Bot (forgive the blurry photos, there was a lot of activity and darkness)

1. The group
2. So many watchful eyes while the baby dances on the table.
3. Rich with the belly dancer.
4. Tossing napkins with Auntie Marlo. Her face says no but her squeals were saying yes.

"There's so much duck face"
~ Rich while watching all the partying girls dancing on the tables.

Stay tuned for Part II: Disney World, a day on the couch (a real page turner if it were a book!), and the flight from Gehenna < that means hell.

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