Our Weekend

I know you're just dying for a weekend update on the excitement that is the O'Neil house. Dying. No? No'kay.

Friday was "finish your damn DIY projects because the house is messy and dusty and there's paint cans and tools and chunks of wood and painters tape everywhere" day. The employees at Home Depot should know us by name now because we've been there 5+ times in the last 7 days.

Three-years-ago-Teri would hate being at Home Depot but present-day-Teri gets giddy with things like paint samples, backsplash, wainscoting and new sandpaper. I'm currently having a debate with myself as to which mint to go with for the kids' room. I've decided to just go for it and take the plunge. If this new baby is a boy it'll be a perfect gender-neutral room for Olivia to share with him. If this baby is a girl then I'll have a few years of the room being a shade of color other than pink or purple or glitter which I'm sure the girls will ask for as they get older.

My current other problem is finding the perfect black and white striped drapes for that room since the color theme/scheme is mint with accents of black and white stripes and gold. I have the curtains in my head and for the life of me can't find them anywhere, not even online. I possibly found them at Mall of America but it's the weekendand I'm not insane. Weekends are full of tourists and busy and the parking lot is so not accommodating so I'll wait until Monday thankyouverymuch.

We I didn't "finish" our current DIY projects but we did progress further than we anticipated thanks to a patient child and Starbucks. Rich completed the fireplace with a DIY here.

I should say Olivia has been most-of-the-time patient. Her and I went to Anthropologie for the zinc letter "O" I needed for my family photos wall and she spent some of the time on the floor singing and some of the time almost knocking over a shelf of tea cups and coffee mugs.

Friday night we finally relaxed and after Olivia went to bed we watched, "The Other Woman", so funny! Not just a chick flick because Rich definitely enjoyed it as well. Leslie Mann is just adorable.

Saturday Rich had dude's night playing poker with the guys so Wolverine and I had a quiet night in watching HGTV (my new obsession) and some leftovers.

Sundays in our home always mean football. Always. This Sunday however I went to Target (bad idea) because we're supposed to get a massive snow storm on Monday. I had the brilliant idea to get up early and get all of the week's errands and groceries done but apparently my entire town had that idea as well. Fun fact: my Target is the very first Target that ever opened! There was a huge line to get coffee then a huge line to get deli meat then an ever larger line to check out. It was Black Friday like in there with everyone stocking up on food, boots, and shovels but that's what Minnesota is all about.

That's not my house but that's what it looks like every single winter. Every single winter we have to undig our mailbox from the snow pile up because the plows bury it.

Orlando in just two weeks... Orlando in just two weeks….


  1. I love the picture of her in the bath! So funny! And I cant imagine living in MN - my husband's family is from northern WI and we are headed up there for tgiving. Four days is too much in that cold. And I don't own enough clothes.

    1. I've lived here my whole life and still not used to the cold!


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