Pregnant In The Winter vs. Pregnant In The Summer

Olivia was born in the beginning/middle of July. This baby will be born at the end of January. Both kids born right smack in the middle of their season; better known as the awful part. Here's what I've learned are the perks and pits of each season's pregnancy.

+ Summer: Flip flops! No bending over to tie shoes, just slip them on and go. When your feet are huge and puffy these were a lifesaver.

- Winter: Ice and a terrible sense of balance don't make for a good partnership.

Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far far away.

- Summer: So hot. So much sweat. People suck when they say, "Boy I bet you'll be miserable when July comes!" No shit. I know summers get hot, I've lived through roughly 30 of them. These are the people I give the bird to when they turned around while rolling my eyes.

+ Winter: Tons of layers mean nobody will notice or try to touch your stomach. Somewhere under your winter coat, scarf, sweater, t-shirt, tank top, long johns and belly band is your stomach. This is also a great way to avoid unsolicited advice. People just assume you're a little hefty and can't make out a distinguishable belly. I did however have one woman shock me the other day:

Her: When are you due?
Me: January 29th!
Her: Oh bummer, no baby by Christmas!
Me: No, not this year.
Her: Well maybe you'll get lucky and they'll come early!
Why on earth would I want my child to be born prematurely a MONTH early? I'm sure she meant well....  just a little stupid...
This isn't as shocking as the conversation I had while pregnant with Olivia:
Woman In Front of Me at Check Out: When are you due?
Me: July 2nd
WIFoMaCO: *Points at my stomach* Cancer Baby
Me: Ex-CUSE me?
WIFoMaCO: The sign! Cancer sign! Astrology!
Me: Phew!

+ Summer: Maternity clothes are cheaper because you don't need to buy maternity sweaters and sweatshirts. I had a stock of $7 Old Navy tanks I rotated through the week. Winter meant owning one or two $38 sweaters and sweatshirts you wore on opposite days you saw people.
It's expensive being pregnant in the winter. Maternity coat? Nah, I'll just not zip.

- Winter: No sledding, snowmobiling or tubing. You can sit in the lounge with your hot chocolate but it's non-alcoholic. Phooey.

- Summer: When you're due in the summer you find out right when the holidays kick off. I found out I was pregnant with Olivia the day before our Halloween party. I had to hide pregnancy during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas before finally announcing. Making up excuses as to why I wasn't drinking was a small challenge.

This was me not even 24 hours after I found out I was pregnant with Olivia. I was "50 Shades of Grey" Get it?? I volunteered as sober cab then "felt sick" and called it an early night.

Nobody had a clue; that is, until Rich had a few too many cocktails and told two of his closest friends because he couldn't keep the secret in any longer. I knew he told them because they looked at me like this:

+ Summer: Swimming. We have a pool and it was my saving grace the last couple months of my first pregnancy. The only drawback was I worried my water broke every single time and wouldn't know it.

- Winter: Nausea in the first trimester is during the hottest months. So much gross.

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