One of the many reasons I married Rich is because he's one of the funniest people I know. He (sometimes unintentionally) says some of the craziest things that I decided to give him his own section on the blog: Rich-isms. < He says that looks like it says 'racism'; no, that is not at all what these posts are.

"Did you just google how to make a baked potato?"
Me: "So?"

After Olivia refused to eat all day we sat her down for a meal and she finally ate.
"So we just have to starve her all day and she'll eat"

While looking at the notes in his phone from labor last time:
Rich: "Water broke and around 12pm they started potato skins"
Me: "Wha..."
Rich "Pitocin. I spelled it weird. Looks like potato skins. That'd be awesome if they came in with potato skins though, huh?"

 After a long day solo with Olivia I was relieved when he was finally home for the day.
Rich: "Care if I go watch the game with Jim tonight?"
Teri: "I'm so tired. I was hoping for a break tonight."
Rich: "Your eyebrows look really good today"
Teri: "Have fun"

 While telling the stylist what kind of haircut he wants (mind you, he never gets his hair cut professionally, he always does it himself)
"Whatever you do, just make me look less balding"

After watching "Annabelle" and tucking in for the night, Rich points to the bookshelf in the corner of the room
Rich: "That'd be a good place to put a doll. Night!" 

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  1. I'm dying laughing at the potato skins comment! These are so funny!


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