That Post Where Teri Just Whined

The lack of blogging this week is because things have been not awesome around here. Not tough, just very first-world-problemy. Here I'll show you:

+ Olivia is having a serious sleep regression lately. Wednesday night she screamed in her crib when we laid her down for bed. Usually we can set her down at bedtime and she'll fuss maybe for a minute or two but this night was full on screaming. I got her out of her crib and paced throughout the house with her taking me back to once upon a time when she was an infant. After some milk and a few more rounds of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" via this nightingale she finally crashed.

Up way past your bedtime toots. Sidebar: Why is my phone suddenly blurry on selfie mode? The back camera isn't, just the front. Yes, I tried cleaning it. This is giving me Myspace on a PC vibes and I hate it.

+ Olivia got ahold of the Amazon Fire remote and without us knowing had purchased a bunch of movies. The only reason we knew is because Rich got a bunch of emails thanking him for his recent purchase. Rich sat on the phone with customer service for an undesirable amount of time explaining that it wasn't actually him buying "Easy A" with Emma Stone.

+ The star of the blog has also taken a liking to trying to walk down the stairs like Mom and Dad do. We've been mellow on the baby gates because she's been going up and down feet first safely for a few months now until lately. Back to being gate-Nazi because her newfound bravery has resulted in a couple tumbles.

+ Our dog has been epileptic since she was a puppy and her seizures are getting more and more frequent having two already this week. Feeling pretty helpless in the fur-mom department.

We love you "boo boo"

+ After a couple weeks off I've been working from home and forgot how tough it is when your pants are being tugged on for more animal crackers while "Time For Your Check Up" sings in the background. I will say it's nice being home with her 24/7 and the fact that said pants are sweats or yoga pants and not work pants.

+ My business email wasn't working at all for a day and I had to sit on the phone with a guy named Noah who kept putting me on hold with 90s music. Not the good kind either.

+ Don't even get me started about how tough walking up the stairs is becoming.

+ That's enough whining for now. I think we're all just getting a little stir-crazy especially with this weather; our summer was so busy and we were constantly out and about now we're getting a little bored with being indoors and moving at a slower pace.

Thanks for listening if you've made it this far!

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  1. Sorry about your fur baby! :( It just started getting cold here and we are going stir crazy. Olivia wants to be outside every.single.second.


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