Weekend Things

Since our upcoming week and weekend will be filled with travel, Disney, excitement, and an entire routine change for Olivia we kept this weekend very calm.

Well, Rich and I did.

She's been carrying around her tiara and sunglasses for the past few days. I think she knows where we're headed.

+ Olivia tried helping unloading the dishwasher. She stood right over the clean silverware and sneezed right on it. Then handed me a spoon smiling. Thanks...
+ At the grocery store a guy was holding a basket of groceries. Olivia walked over to his basket, reached in and said, "Ooooh! NumNums!"

Why is the high chair in the living room Olivia?

+ Usually I plan out our meals for the week and have a chalkboard by the dining room table with the week's plan. Friday we said "F*** it" and ordered pizza and binge watched season 6 of "The League". Definitely needed the laziness and laughs.

+ Saturday we watched the Badgers game Melvin Gordon game. Gordon beat L.T.'s NCAA single game record of 408 yards and 4 touchdowns against Nebraska. I made tacos that night and I don't know if it was the excitement or Rich missing lunch but he ate TEN tacos. Diez! He then said, "I'm like the Melvin Gordon of taco eating." So proud.

When Dads dress the kids....
+ Someone needs to teach me how to take action dancing shots with my phone because this kid won't stop grooving and all photos are blurry to prove it.

+ I'm sure I'll have to make a terrible stop at the Apple store to visit the Geniuses. I seriously loathe going there. Nothing but frustration for me because I don't understand technology and the fact that I want to buy a new laptop; it's dangerous territory. But I refuse to go on vacation without a phone ready to take 1,000 excessive photos.

I haven't even had this phone for two months. Double You Tea Eff?
Ummmaybe because you take unnecessary snapshots for the blog? Maybe.

+ One of these days I hope to be able to stay up late on a Saturday and watch Saturday Night Live again. Staying up past 10:30pm is just not under my 'abilities' column anymore. 

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  1. Hahhaha - Olivia and the man's grocery cart! Also, what a wild child! I love the blurry pictures of her, because it shows she wont sit still. I have no idea - we can't get any non-blurry pictures of her. I'm so jealous of your disney trip. We are headed your way .. well ish.. Neenah, WI for Tgiving with Dan's family. I hear it's cold as hell there. :)


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