36 Weeks

Happy New Year's Eve!! How terrible is it that I didn't realize it was New Years until the 30th?

+ Have this baby
+ Don't get pregnant in 2015
I'm now 36 weeks which means in the final month of pregnancy and only 3 weeks left until I'm induced (for medical reasons).
Baby is still breech and I have yet to decide if I want to do a version or not. The risk of an emergency C-section honestly scares the hell out of me into not wanting to do it. Should baby still be breech at 39 weeks I'd much rather have a RCS if need be. I guess my plan is to cross my fingers that baby turns on his or her own and I can give birth naturally at 39 weeks.
I'm officially on my last two pairs of pants that still fit me. For Christmas Eve we went to Rich's mom's house and I wore maternity jeans- comfortable-ish but getting pretty tight and by the end of the night I was itching to get home and put on stretchy pants. When we got home I started taking my pants off as I was walking up the stairs and Olivia followed behind me taking her pants off while going upstairs as well.
Sleeping suuuuucks! I have been having terrible insomnia and just lay in bed thinking about absolutely nothing. A few nights ago I woke up around 3am and threw up violently completely out of the blue. I can't wait to sleep on my stomach. Can't. Wait.
My appetite is escaping me and I can't bring myself to eat big meals at all. I have a handful of ritz for lunch, a couple bites of a sandwich for dinner then a couple goldfish for a late snack. A few weeks ago I was eating everything in sight so I don't know where this came from.
Story time.
Rich was going to Potbelly for lunch and asked what I wanted:
T: A salad
R: Which one?
T: I can't remember what it's called but it has something to do with Billy Joel.
R: .....
He brought home the 'Uptown Salad' which is exactly what I meant!
I've been great at keeping my weight gain down this pregnancy because I gained 50+ with Olivia. I attribute this to making sure I drink at least a gallon of water a day every single day. I have my big water jugs that I fill up constantly and always carry a bottle of water with me. I rarely weigh myself outside of the Dr. office but as of last visit I'm up 21 lbs.
My water situation was a tad halted as Minnesota is absolutely FREEZING right now. Literally. Our water froze so we had to stock up on bottled water. (We still have shower and sink water but I hate tap water and won't drink it. I would never survive a zombiepocolypse.)
For Christmas I got a FitBit that I can't wait to use after-baby partnered with T25 and Tone It Up. I gathered my T25 discs together the other day and set up my gym in our basement and I can't wait to hit it hard again. I also set up a little play area and bouncer for the kids to hang out while I work out.
No excuses.
My guess this week: BOY! I have zero scientific or specific reasons for saying boy, it's just my gut feeling. Everyone I know is positive I'm having a boy minus the Target check-out lady who told me I'm 100% having a girl because of the way I'm carrying. At Christmas a family member said I'm 100% having a boy because of the way I'm carrying. No'kay. When you're Team-Green everyone suddenly is an expert in gender-guessing.

While at Babies R Us the other day Rich saw the 4Moms Breeze Playard that I've been wanting for awhile but because of the price I never mentioned it or thought about it much further. There was a display out so you could open and close it to see how easy it is. Rich called me over and said, "Have you seen this thing!?"
T: Oh yep. I love that thing.
R: We need this!!
I thought for sure the baby had dropped but then took a selfie in the mirror and the mirror was all, "lol no"
Looking forward to these next few weeks to see what our options are and scheduling his or her birthday!

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  1. Looking good mama! I craved a million salads the last few weeks with Olivia. I love your resolutions!! Bhahah.


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