5 on Friday: Five reasons I hope I have a _____

Only 5 short weeks to go and we meet our little one! This pregnancy has flown by but at the same time the anticipation of not knowing if we're having a boy or girl is KILLING me and making time stand still. Thank god for the holidays because it's rushing these last few weeks by quickly. Should I ever have another kid again I'm totally planning another December/January baby.
Rich and I have both said that we'd honestly be over the moon happy with either gender. I know people say it a lot that they don't care what it is, as long as it's healthy and until you're a parent you never believe them. I honestly 100% truly have no preference over the other and he doesn't either. Everyone is convinced Rich MUST want a boy but he's occasionally said he would prefer another girl. I've put together a short list of why I'd want a ___ for 5 on Friday.
1. Shopping: I'd love to get to start over with shopping for a whole new wardrobe in all blue and green. I can't wait to one day buy dinosaurs and monsters and superhero gear. Oh my God you guys, a superhero birthday party?? Alright, on it. Pinning.
2. I grew up with brothers. I liked being the only girl and would love for Olivia to remain the only princess. I was spoiled not only because I was the oldest, but because I was the only girl and therefore got away with more. I was jealous of my brothers' close bond so I was a bit of an 'Angelica Pickles' to them when I wasn't invited to play Power Rangers or video games with them. Mmm now I want pickles.... Having a boy may mean less physical fighting as well. My friends with sisters have told me horror stories of how they would rip each others' hair out and kick holes in the walls with their fights. My brothers and I wrestled but we never really meant to hurt each other.
Fingers crossed our walls forever remain hole-less.
3. Girls = more worrying. I'm terrified for when Olivia becomes a teenager. I watch the news too much. Damn you, Nancy Grace. Of course you worry about your sons as well but girls are different. Eeek I cringe for the future. Rich has said before that part of him hopes Olivia is a little overweight with acne and braces and glasses until she's in her 30s and mature. I kind of hope too....
4. I want a momma's boy. I've heard all about how boys are cuddly and lovey and squishy and close with their mamas and I crave that bond. Olivia wasn't much of a cuddler. From about 5 months on she wanted to be put down and free to explore and roam on her own. I eat it up when she does want to cuddle me.
5. I want Rich's little buddy. Olivia is totally his little buddy but she's more his little princess. They play sports together but I know he'd want that football/hockey/baseball champ and get to be a little league coach.
1. I didn't have a sister growing up and always was jealous of my friends with their sisters. It's a built in best friend. I really want Olivia to have that bond.
2. I have girl names picked, I have no idea what I'd name a boy right now. I have a very very short list of boy names and a scroll of girl names.
3. We have boxes and boxes and boxes full of girls clothes and super minimal boy clothes. It'd save me a lot of money (only for now) to have another girl. BUT..... if I do have another girl I know I'll just continue shopping so I can twin up Olivia and her little sister in matching outfits and bows. Stage mom alert. You think my Instagram is ridiculous now... Just you wait.
4. I've very rarely changed a boy's diaper. Stupid reason I know but I'm used to a girl's diaper. I change my friend's son's diaper when I watch him and that's it. I'm nervous for the spray every time. Does it really happen that often?
5. Having a girl would mean possibly another baby in the future. I've told Rich I would more than likely be done if this one is a boy. Should it be a girl then there would be room for a big fat maybe baby in the future. Emotionally and mentally I would like 3 or 4 kids but physically I'm down for only 2 maaaayyybe 3.
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  1. I am dying over your Boy #3. You guys are so bad...
    In response to your Boy #4, we only got sprayed during the first few months. I only got hit twice, but my hubby got hit about 10 times...probably due to user error.
    Super impressed you guys are waiting to find out the gender!

  2. Love this! I CANNOT wait to find out what you are having. The suspense is killing me!!


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