I Hate Shoes and There's Chocolate From Pole to Pole or, "Our Weekend"

As I mentioned before Olivia graciously shared her sickness with me which hit hardest on Saturday. I fell asleep early on Friday night while watching 'The Pursuit of Happyness' and ugly-crying at the end because I was so happy for Will Smith. I tried hiding my tears but Rich leaned over and looked at me saying, "I knew it!" Pregnancy hormones be a bitch.
When I woke up on Saturday at an ungodly hour I couldn't fall back asleep because my face hurt so much so I grabbed some coffee and organized some marketing packets for my company.
Olivia must've heard I was being productive and enjoying the peace and quiet because she woke up not long after to uninvited-ly join me.
"Trying to work I see. How 'bout pancakes and Sofia The First instead?"
You're the boss.
After not working I addressed all our Christmas cards, painted 90% of the kids' room, made dinner and then went shopping. Why on earth did I decide to be productive when I felt sick? Our trip to the mall ended early after I threw up in a Motherhood Maternity bag, thankfully taking the bra out of the bag first.
TMI? Yes, I know.
Rich called it a night for me and I woke up Sunday feeling oodles better.
Sunday brought us to Minnetonka for a Charlie Brown Christmas play my dad got us tickets for. Every time I go to Minnetonka I unnecessarily quote, in my terrible Dave Chappelle impression the Prince line:
Olivia lasted about 4/5ths of her very first play which is about 3/5ths longer than I thought she would.
You know what I fan I am of Freshly Picked Moccasins. Olivia is an uber fan as well because she absolutely refuses to wear any other kind of shoe these days.
I bought her toddler Reeboks - she cried and acted like her feet didn't work anymore. She planted herself in the store and cried because she "couldn't walk".
I put those gold shoes on her - she cried and acted like they were hurting her feet. They weren't.
I bought her winter boots - she not only cried, she screamed. I'm sure someone in Babies 'R Us thought I was murdering her.
Oh the pacifier? Funny story (Nawwwwwt). I was going through her old things and deciding what to keep and toss for the new baby. This pacifier rolled out and at her feet. She popped it in her mouth and since she never used binkies past her first month or two I thought it was cute and let her have it. Now she won't let us take it away.

At the show making a statement with my statement necklace. That statement might be: "Hi, my name is Pushover and I just let her have the Big Bird Pacifier."
Nobody answered me about why my phone is so grainy in selfie mode. Thanks. Though I'm sure I look better grainy.
On the way out we said goodbye to my dad who gave his spoiled only grandchild some chocolate balls. Rich put Olivia in her car seat and took the chocolate back from her so it didn't end up all over the van. Or so he thought. When we finally arrived home there was chocolate EVER.ER.E.WHERE. Her tights, her tutu, her eyes (what?), hands, car seat. Every where. You get it. The Hamburgler of candy hid one in her little fist and held on tight to it the entire ride home falling asleep with it in her lap.


  1. My Olivia is the same with shoes!! I had this company custom make a pair (for only $28 which is pennies compared to FP) that are BEAUTIFUL. Black suede flats with a shiny gold trim. I got them in the mail yesterday and Olivia acts like I just put her on hot coals. Screaming, lifting her feet in the air, collapsing on the floor. #dramaqueen. I know they aren't uncomfortable - they are almost the same as FP. We have divas. "I only wear $60 shoes."

    1. My daughter's shoe collection is pricier than mine, how sad is that? I finally convinced her to wear her sneakers but she walks like a newborn calf clomping around. I just don't want her to ruin the nice leather with the snow and slush.


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