Momma's Christmas Wish List

Alright so I kind of cheated and I already know I'm getting this. In pink of course. Rich knew forever that I wanted this and it was no secret I'd be getting one for Christmas. Kohls had a deal on Black Friday for $99 with a $25 rebate and you received $30 in Kohls cash so I went and got it for myself.... With his credit card.... So Merry Christmas to me. He's making me wait until Christmas to open it though. After I saved you all that money?? Fine. 

Lots of Essie polish. No particular colors. Just lots. I usually never buy polish and I just go get my nails done but I'm trying to cut back expenses and I realized I need to start to have a big stash of polish for when Olivia gets older. I remember growing up and having slumber parties with friends and there was this one girl's mom who had a HUGE bucket of colors we could play with and the memories of that were so fun. Time to stock up. 

This one is a "Yeah Right" gift. I know I won't get this but it's on my goals for 2015 to get a nice camera. I just use my iPhone for all pictures and occasionally my Nikon J1 but that's nearly never.

I wanna make my own hummus.

New running shoes. The brighter the better.

I need this. I need a lot of new cozy Victoria's Secret clothing especially post-baby. 

I'd love one of these with each child's birthdate. Obviously I won't be able to get this until after #2 arrives. 

Coffee. Just lots of Coffee. 
For my sleepless nights post-baby. Not pictured: a huge giant bottle of red wine. 
Dear Santa, PLEASE! Love, a mom seriously missing wine after 7 long months and two more long months to go. 

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  1. I love this list - and I need the mean girls t-shirt! Adding it to my wish list now! You'll love having a food processor. And I'm the girl with the ton of nail polish who never does her nails. I love Essie most - but theres the sally hanson 60 second dry that literally dries in 60 seconds. It doesn't stay on great, but 60 seconds? We all have that!


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