Olivia's Christmas Wish List (16 - 18 month old gift guide)

I finished most of my Christmas shopping the first week or so of November but I've rounded up what I can remember that I got Olivia so far for Christmas. Shopping for her this year at 17 months is so much more fun than last year at just 5 months. I can't wait to see her face when she opens some of these gifts. Not pictured are the numerous outfits I bought her when Old Navy had an 'Everything is 50% off' Black Friday sale. I think next year I'll wait until Thanksgiving is over to Christmas shop because now I just end up overspending and continuing to add things under the tree. 

I picked this guy up even before Halloween knowing it would be a hit toy and had a coupon for 25% off at Target. She doesn't watch a lot of Sesame Street, she's more of a Disney gal, but sure does love some "EhMo"

Oh God I can't wait until she's not interested in Frozen anymore. I've seen this movie an embarrassing number of times. Just 'cause I don't enjoy it though doesn't mean she's denied all things Frozen. Her favorite movie + a new favorite activity = probably her favorite gift she'll get this year.

I honestly can't remember if I bought her this version or the '5 Minute Princess Tales' one. Either way she's crazy about books (which I love!) so I know one of these two will be perfect. This will be one of those 'high shelf' books. Every parent has 2 collections of books: one set laying around that they can tear apart, chew on, and are "well loved" then the collection of books you keep on the high shelf they can't destroy because they're classics. AmIRight?

I love putting skirts and tutus on Olivia and thankfully she's starting to love it too. I stocked up on a few different tutus from Old Navy during their Black Friday sale when everything was 50% off. 

I bought at least 3 pairs of pajamas for Christmas morning and probably 5 or 6 pairs that she's already opened and worn multiple times this season. I love kids pajamas, especially from Old Navy and Gap. 

Olivia is showing interest in stacking things up, creating something, then knocking them over. The jams at a restaurant keep her occupied in building towers when we go out to eat so a kiddo lego set was one of the first things on our list for her. 

With a new baby coming I wanted to get Olivia her own "baby" she can care for next to me while I hold and nurse the new baby. I just love anything by Melissa and Doug.

Doc McStuffins is one of her favorites so I picked up a Lambie I saw at Old Navy during the Black Friday sale. 

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  1. I love these! Especially the baby doll. I wrote about that creepy doll that O's grandparents got her - but Olivia really likes it. It's super heavy because its battery operated for the hand to grab you (no lie) - so I think a little bitty doll would be perfect. We haven't gotten into Frozen yet. I think she's still too young to like movies. Either that or I'm SOL for life.


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