On Tuesdays, We Eat Meatballs ~ Karen Mean Girls

Or something like that.
Toddlers eat free at IKEA on Tuesdays so guess what we do on Tuesdays! We just need to get out of the house sometimes to somewhere other than Target or Sam's Club for once. Very stimulating I know... We live in a frozen tundra so there are very minimal outdoor activities we can get involved in.
It looks like a zoo in the cafeteria and an even bigger zoo in the kids section which is just what my little wild child needs to let loose.

We always visit this moose rocker and one of these times I'm just going to have to buy it for her.

In one of the children's room set ups there was a fake computer she went to town on. We are constantly taking our laptop and the Mac keyboard away from her so to be able to flail away at a keyboard was heaven for her. Later while walking through the IKEA maze there was another computer set up in the 'office' section. I let her go at it on what I thought was another fake computer. Suddenly the "fake" printer started printing whatever mess she made on their system. Crap!

We took a time out on a big kid monster bed. By we I mean me. I took a rest with my giant pregnant stomach. She joined me for about 2.4 minutes before running away and one of her parents (male) saving her from climbing up a bookshelf. Her other parent (female) got an odd look from a little boy when said parent tried sitting up on her own.

This is the part we call "time to go"

 I picked up some stuff for her reading nook in her room. You'll see. You'll see. Just hang tight. I know you're itching to hear more.


  1. This is awesome - I never thought about ikea as a place to play - but it would totally wear Olivia out (and me) I'm sure.

  2. We went today too! (and yesterday....) My toddler walked both floors. I was very jealous of her energy. Can't wait to see what you got :)

  3. I wish we had an Ikea closer to us. We have to drive 3 hours to get to one. :(

    I am hosting a Jameson Monroe giveaway on Our Little Miracles. You should stop by and check it out.

  4. Later that night she took a 3 hour nap! Thanks IKEA :)


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