Our Weekend: Kids Christmas Party

This weekend was so busy I was sure I was going to go into labor on Sunday night.
Rich is the chairman of our club's annual Christmas party for the kids so we were non-stop this weekend buying last minute presents for the kids, stuffing goodie bags, shopping for food and decorations. This year there were approximately 45 kids between the ages of 3 months through 12 years and double that of adults and teens. HUGE party to organize! Any excuse to go to Party City is alright by me. Rich and Olivia ended up going out to the van to watch Frozen while I strolled the aisles for the umpteenth time.

We spent naptime stuffing and wrapping. While shopping for toys I only bought square shaped boxes because I've done enough wrapping this year. If it was anything other than a rectangle or square, well, sorry Suzy and Billy. By the way have you seen that YouTube video of the guy wrapping gifts in 15 seconds? I have yet to try it (and I won't) but it doesn't show him pre-cutting the paper to the perfect size, nor does he have a toddler reaching over to rip the bow off every gift so 15 seconds my ass.

The party was a huge success. There was Santa, face painting, ornament decorating, cookie decorating, reindeer coloring, a DJ and dance floor, a photo booth (mine) and a buffet of pastas and desserts. Every kid was worn out by the end of the day from dancing up a storm and consuming far too many cupcakes. I love this party because there is really nothing better than seeing kids having fun and screaming when they see Santa (whether in fear or with excitement.)

Just call me "Overboard O'Neil". Our van was seriously THAT packed. Olivia is giving us a seriously you guys? face. Simmer down safety committee, we didn't drive like that, we moved the boxes around when we saw how ridiculous it was.

 Five minutes before the party started she decided it was naptime. Great.


My kid is the only one not facing the camera of course.

How cute is my little sister? Yes, I'm the oldest of MANY.

Getting hit in the face by a hula hoop didn't stop my girl from letting loose on the dance floor. She boogied with the best of them to: Let It Go, All About That Bass, Shake It Off, and Call Me Maybe. All clean version of course.

We were sent home with entirely too many leftovers and my big eight months pregnant caboose can't stay away from the cupcakes. My ass is going to be jiggling more than the jello shots I'm about to prepare for our annual adult Christmas party we're hosting this weekend.

Sunday night Olivia was such a ham and had me cracking up all night. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen these gems:

Prior to all this she managed to get herself stuck in a dining room chair. I was busy being Mom-Of-The-Year sitting on the couch crushing candy when I hear "Mama! Mama! Maaaaamaaaaaaa!" coming from the dining room.


I freakin love toddlers.

Off to Michaels and Party City to prep for our grown up Christmas Party this Saturday! Pinterest, I'm coming for you later.

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  1. She's adorable! I haven't tried Call Me Maybe with Olivia, but I bet she'd love that too. Dan has been trying to get Olivia to smush her face on glass, so he can make it his phone background so she's "stuck in his phone." He's been trying since she was a newborn. No dice.


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