On his way to FedEx he asked if I needed or wanted anything which happens to be near Starbucks: 
T: Oooh! A skinny vanilla latte
R: Can you drink something a little more girly? I feel dumb saying that.
T: So adding a cranberry bliss bar is out of the question..?
Don't worry, he got me both.

While I was driving and he was riding shotgun I was singing along very loudly and colorfully to "Dirty Pop" by N*Sync and someone pulled out ahead of us:
R: Please pay attention. ... And how do you know all these words?
T: You feel. it. when. your. body starts to rock!

Below is a seriously not staged photo of Rich's set up during a MEETING for our club. Beer, peanuts, his phone on silent streaming the game. Ridic.


At his mom's house while in Tampa:
Mom: There's a few Mich Goldens in the fridge
R: Cool, I'll start drinking.

 Opening the crockpot to see what's for dinner:
R: Let's see what gives us diarrhea tonight.....

 To the dog:
R: You're really kind of being an asshole today, you know that?
**I thought he was talking to Olivia for a second and started to yell at him until I realized he was having a conversation with Biscuit.

 My favorite this week, while changing Olivia:
R: Please don't put your hands in your poopy


  1. True story...Mike had the game streaming live on silent at Rory's birthday lol.

    1. Hah! Lucky for Olivia her birthday is in the off season. Baby #2 however is due Super Bowl week.... Yikes.

  2. First off- love your blog name…. secondly, my faves are the crock pot and naked baby pic!
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

    1. Thanks Sarita! Lucky for him nobody got "sick" from the crockpot dinner. Tomorrow is his night to cook so we'll see what he comes up with that I can comment on.

  3. Hahaha this is SO cute! My boyfriend is a repeat offender of the 'phone silently streaming the game'-ugh! boys!
    Haha, have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh - I'm laughing out loud. The crockpot one is really getting me. And Olivia's baby bootie! So cute. And so funny!


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