Stupid Guppy

I mentioned before how Olivia found an old pacifier and I let her have it for the day because she looked so cute with a binky.
Big mistake.
This thing is officially here to stay. I'm truly kicking myself today for letting her have it (if I were able to kick my legs anymore that is.)
So why not just take it away from her? You're hysterical. Take a seat.
She screams bloody murder when she can't find it or it's taken away from her. The other night she was sleeping and it fell out of her mouth around 1am. She screamed so loud I thought an intruder was in the house. We now have an issue in the middle of the night when it falls out, (and it does every. single. night) that she can't reach it and squawks until one of us wakes up to give it back to her. I can't just attach a pacifier leash thing to her because you know, strangulation and all.
It's not just her wanting it, she's emotionally attached to this thing. It's her new best friend whom I hate. She cries emotional tears when she can't find it. I give in because I know how happy it makes her. I know, I know. Now I have that Sheryl Crow song in my head "If It Makes You Happy"
This little yellow piece of plastic is the most valuable inanimate thing in our home. Why? Because I bought it while I was pregnant with her either in the Target dollar bin aisle or the Babies R Us random bin. It's not one you can run to the store to pick up should we happen to lose it. You literally cannot find it anywhere anymore (at least not in our area). The other day we couldn't find it and I gave her a regular nuk; she took it out of her mouth in disgust and looked at me like,
"What is this ish?"  Then yelled for her "Guppy". I have no idea why she calls it a guppy, but it's her guppy. (Kinda cute actually but don't tell her I said that.)

My friend told me I better find a replacement quick if/when we do lose guppy. I cruised eBay because of how right she is and thank GOD I found a couple that were the exact same. This one woman in Nevada has a couple for sale (new in the package of course) but I have to buy the (unnecessary) sippy cup and (unnecessary) hair brush to go with it. Ugh. Fine. You win Ms. Nevada. The things we do for our kids... or is it for Rich's and my sanity? Both. We'll go with both. I swear to God, if any of you outbid me.....
Guppy isn't entirely bad. We had a pretty serious playing-in-the-dog-water problem and guppy was able to help us break that quick. Every time she played in the dog's water I took her guppy and set it high on the counter next to the water out of her reach but in her sight for 5 minutes. She learned after 2 or 3 times that playing in the dog water means no guppy and stopped playing in it very quickly.
When she isn't using it she keeps it safely stored in my bra. No idea where that came from. When she is eating a snack she comes to me first, pulls my shirt out and stuffs it away then comes back to me to retrieve it. I don't keep stuff in my bra (other than the obvious) so I don't know where that came from. Any time she can't find her guppy I'm the first place she checks.
I don't know how to break this habit and I don't know if I'm going to put much effort into trying to stop it now. Her ped said it's really no big deal at this point since she never had one her first 16 months and her teeth will be just fine.
A Facebook friend said her daughter (also named Olivia) found a paci at 16 months as well and it took her a year to break her of that habit. A year? F..... Maybe it's an Olivia thing??

Please tell me she won't walk down the aisle with her guppy. Please?


  1. This is too funny...well...I guess not really for you, but it made me chuckle a few times. My son would never...ever take a paci. Then, all of the sudden at 9 months he found one and popped it in his mouth like a boss. What the heck? You're right though. They do look cute with it. He doesn't really "look" for it, but we do pull it out during public emergencies and it works wonders. Good luck figuring things out!

    1. Thanks Luisa, we did just have a successful errands run without it so fingers crossed she forgot all about it.
      Yea right....

  2. I am currently in the throes of doing the late night pacifier shuffle because my child seems to not be able to function without that thing securely in his mouth. In the middle of the night. Any other time? He's perfectly happy without it. But as soon as that thing slips from his mouth in the middle of the night, all hell breaks loose. I was hoping at the end of this post you were going to say "and this is how we got rid of Guppy" and give me some great tips so I can be pacifier free. I swear to god, with the next one NO PACIFIER! (Until he/she starts screaming and then I'll stick one in his/her mouth just to get some piece and quiet.)

    xo, Sarah

    1. Oh I WISH I had an answer for getting rid of it but nope, not yet. Ugh

  3. *Peace, damn it! I meant PEACE, not "piece" and quiet. This pacifier thing has me all flustered.

  4. I've heard people swear by the wubbanubs because their kids can easily find them if they fall out, but if she won't take a nub it might not work...maybe it's cute enough to entice her?

    1. The wubbas are so cute, my friends son has them but she's not interested in them. Whenever she sees them she gives them to him, it's so cute.

  5. Ohhh nooo! Olivia loves nuks which are easy to find. So she sleeps with approximately seven of them at night. We don't let her have it during the day, but she's pretty okay with that as long as she can't see it. At least so far. Guppy is cute though.


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