Tone It Up: Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake

I made the most delicious "cheat" dessert of all time following this recipe from Tone It Up. 
Mine wasn't quite as pretty
But it was certainly as delicious.
I followed the recipe exactly but forgot the pinch of sea salt. I'm not convinced that was a super important step so I didn't lose any sleep over it.
The recipe tells you to use a coffee mug in a larger size because the cake expands. The biggest one I had that was clean at the time also happened to be my least classiest.
Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate....
The best part is, it tastes like actual cake and not a super healthy version. I let Olivia have a bite (or 4) and she said "mmmmm num!" every time.
I've already made the protein pancakes with the Cinnamon Roll and they are freakin divine. Order yours here. They are limited edition so act fast!
I did talk to my doctor about protein powder while pregnant and she said as long as I don't overdo it or use it as meal replacement then I'm good to go. This is a completely clean, vegan, plant based protein so I DO NOT know if a whey protein is pregnancy safe. Talk to your doctor if you don't know.


  1. This looks delicious. I'm not so sure about greek yogurt as icing though. How did that taste?

    1. I loved it honestly. It did take me awhile to get used to Greek yogurt but I kind of treat it like a 'dessert' so I tricked myself into craving it < that all made sense in my head....


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