You have entirely too much energy Olivia Louise. Love, your tired 7 months pregnant Mom

Co-signed, your Father.

This past week has been pretty quiet around 'ze blawg because Olivia had a nasty cold that she sweetly shared with her Mother Bear. My face feels like it packed on 6 pounds and is hot and my head constantly hurts. Someone please call the wahmbulance.
After she got over her cold her energy came back not only to her normal self but times 50. Maybe even 60. Maybe.
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Clearly nesting hasn't set in. That pile of laundry back there has been on the floor for going on 4 days now. Housewife of the year.
This was after a particularly long night when she screamed in her crib and insisted on sleeping not only next to me but with her whole body on top of my face. I let her 'cause I'm a softie, but I'll let the bags under my eyes tell you that story.
In our attempt to wear her out we took her to the mall to the tot play land and to ride the train around the mall. I still can't get that damn "All Aboard The Choo Choo Train" song out of my head. The one Genevieve sings on Disney Jr. Gag face emoji.

Which parent dressed the baby this day?

Speedy GonO'Neil then ran off the train lightning speed and into Ragstock with her waddling mother chasing after her not-so-fast. The teenage clerk pointed to a rack of clothes in a mono-toned "She's under that one" when she saw the panicked look on my face when I couldn't find her for .9 seconds. I threw open the ugly sweaters and she belly-laughed at my panic.
On our way out she ran into Abercrombie because it always looks and sounds like a dance party in there with the bass and the darkness. I haven't been in an Abercrombie since High School and never really realized how dark and loud it was in there.
God I sound old. Get off my lawn
Now excuse me while I throw on "Frozen" for the 39577th time so I can get 5 minutes to close my eyes on the couch.


  1. I love your matching shirts! That's so funny! And the get off my lawn comment. It could be the beer I had, but you have me laughing out loud!

    1. Don't make me jealous. I can't wait for my first beer!


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