18 Months

I have a one and a half year old. Mind. Blown. Time sure flies when you're having fun.

Current loves include: Her guppy, taking a bath as often as we'll allow for as long as we'll allow, emptying the pantry, climbing up and down stairs using only her feet giving her mother a minor heart attack, shouting "Tooooo!" when her favorite show asks her to call for Toodles (she has a pretty stellar hot dog dance), feeding the dog when her parents aren't looking, crawling on the office chair and egging one of us on to "PIN!" her around in circles until she's dizzy, joining her mother in the bathroom every. single. time. and unrolling the toilet paper to hand her a wad, and of course - Frozen. Shudder. I know that entire flick by heart which isn't under my "proud" section. It's cute, yes but when you've seen it as much as I have it's borderline horrible.
 Let's Dance: Little jitter bug gets going to Shake It Off, I love It (by Icona Pop), Lips by Megan Trainer and most recently, the new Bruno Mars Uptown Funk song.
I love that she loves dancing so much! Her first dance classes start this Spring and I'm so effing excited to buy her her first tutu and attempt to put what little hair she has into a bun.
Rich and I try to cut TV time down by having a 'no tv' rule in the morning and afternoons which we follow a good 70% of the time (not bad!). Rather than plopping her in front of Disney Jr. we put one of our phones on the speaker and play music all day. Of course there are some days when I need to just get stuff done and Mickey helps with that.

Working On: Using our inside voice. Somewhere down the line she decided that when we put our finger to our lips and say "shh" that we mean screech louder and longer. With the new baby just around the corner we're trying to cut the screeching and screaming at least in half.

Not So Loves: Wearing socks. I don't know why but she refuses to wear her socks. It's an everyday battle. I even bought her cute ones with Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins on them but she still pulls them right off. I gave up trying. She still won't let me put bows and headbands in her hair but loves wearing her dad's beanies.

She speaks: Sort of. It's one of those things where only her parents understand what she's saying but we're now saying: Mama, Dada, Too (tootles), Guppy, Say you (thank you), apple, banna (banana), mouth, nose, eyes, num, dog, Mickey, Minnie, buh bye, bath, and no- that's a favorite of hers. Everything is no. Yes = No.
Can I have a hug? NO!
Do you want to go ni-ni? NO!
Do you want a cupcake and a pony and go to Disneyworld? NO!

LOL moments: She has a habit of putting things in her shirt and watching them fall to the floor when she pulls open the bottom. One day she didn't realize the object already fell out the bottom and was looking deep in her shirt; so deep that she pulled the collar over her head. She then got her head stuck in her shirt and was running around the living room yelling for help with her arms up by her ears. I nearly peed laughing.

Huh?: Everything is a bracelet. If it's circle and fits around her wrist, it's a bracelet. Cookie cutters, the red cup holder things from Starbucks/Target, empty toilet paper rolls, the plastic links from her old bouncer, the dog's collar, really anything she can find. Other than my FitBit I never wear anything on my wrists so we don't know where this came from. By the way it pisses her off that I don't take it off to let her wear it. I probably should throw it on her for a day and see how many steps it counts.....

Little Helper: We're trying to get her to help around the house. She's now in charge of doing her own laundry, cooking her own food, and the trash bill is now her responsibility. I kid. I kid. Things like grabbing us a diaper, cleaning up her toys, and grabbing her coat and shoes when it's time to go bye-bye. She loves helping for now, we'll see how long that lasts.

Wears: Depending on the brand she's mainly in 2T clothing now and I love being able to buy toddler stuff. She prefers a character shirt with some stretchy pants sans socks. Almost everything I buy is from Target, Old Navy or Gap.

I'm a little emotional writing all this because this is her last month as an only child. In just a couple weeks we'll be welcoming her little brother or sister and I know Olivia is going to be the best big sister. She's a huge bundle of fun and everyday Rich and I laugh about something she did or said that day. Sometimes I almost feel guilty bringing another baby into the family so soon but I've heard that feeling is totally normal. We let Olivia sleep with us the other night and I woke up in the middle of the night to her facing me and holding my face in her hands. She wasn't awake, but she held my face in her sleep and didn't let go. My heart went all mushy and I wish I could've held that moment forever.
We love you Livi Lou, I can't wait to see what the next 18 months have in store! 


  1. This is adorable - and so funny. I'm crying at the thought of her head stuck in her shirt. And I love that there's no caption for the one of her eating the sandwich without hands on the hardwood floors. I feel like your life is a lot like ours. Our Olivia wont wear socks unless she has shoes on. I think its because she has to go like that to daycare. But just socks come off immediately. So we just let her wear shoes in the house to keep her feet warm. And the bracelet thing too! Olivia puts everything on as a bracelet - but she has a huge love of accessories, including bows.

    1. Yup we let her wear her shoes in the house too just because it's the only way she keeps socks on. Freshly Picked of course ;-)


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