5 on Friday: She bought all the things

Hello Internet. I'm back. Miss me? No? Kay.
We're 6 days into being a family of 4 and loving (almost) every minute of it! Since I've been laid up on the couch I have been doing a lot of online shopping and pinning. Most of which I forget until I receive an email later that my item has shipped. Oops. Some of the goodies:
I bought this shirt for Liam for Valentine's Day from one of our favorite shops. I wish I could remember what size onesie I bought him because honestly, I think I bought it too large. Eek face Emoji...
I've been oogling this gorgeous print from BrimPapery for awhile now and sleepily decided to purchase for the kids' room. I believe I need her Boss Bitch coffee mug now too.
My etsy and PayPal are getting quite the workout. And Rich thought me being laid up would delay our spending for awhile.......
When I was pregnant I was busy sewing leggings and headbands pretty sure that we were having another girl. Turns out our lady baby was a little stud and Rich isn't too keen on me putting headbands and flamingo leggings on him so until I'm ready to bust out my machine again and start making boy clothes I bought a few of these hip newborn hats for Liam.
Though Olivia has a no-headbands rule currently I'm hoping that by Saint Patty's Day she'll allow me to put this shamrock on her. Until then I'll just nod and smile when people continue to tell me how cute my son(s) are.
I know I'm tardy to the party but I just started watching Breaking Bad and only sometimes don't have to go back and re-watch because I fell asleep or have to Wikipedia the readers digest version of what just happened in the episode. The kids love it too.
Half kidding.
Happy Weekend. I'll be staring at my mailbox from our front window ushering Rich to quickly grab for my packages while contemplating deciding it's time to delete the Etsy app from my phone.
For Now.
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  1. Congrats on becoming a family of four! Hopefully you will have luck with Little Miss and the bows! My husband previewed Breaking Bad for me and said I wouldn't be able to handle it, eek!

  2. Hahaha - this made me laugh. I purchased quite a few things in a sleep deprived state. And texted and emailed without remembering. It was like a bad night out - I'd have anxiety wondering what I did or said.


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