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I bought a couple of these books last month because they were so cute and found that they're a whole series! I saw Molly the Muffin Fairy at Target this without a second thought threw it in my cart. They are full of color, glitter, and rhymes. They also look great on her Valentine's Day book shelf! We've been spending some afternoons hanging out at Barnes and Noble because not only is there a Starbucks there, books for Mom and Livi, but a play area with legos and dolls. We've been so cooped up with this weather that I've had to get creative with fun, cheap places to spend our afternoons.

The Bachelor! So far this season is shaping up to be a good one. Spoilers: A little sad the drunks are no more, especially Tara but at least he kept crazy-eyes-onion-Ashley. Vanessa Minillo's twin is still on and I'm rooting for her even though she initially bothered me with her too-long-for-comfort hugs. The virgin with the magic genie belly button ring is still on; you know, the one who makes out with her jaw unhinged. Gross.  There is a woman who has a son named Kale, like the vegetable, and I saw someone on twitter now refers to her as 'Vegetable Mom' so from now on that's what I'll call her as well.
Tara on the first night. Initially I thought "this girl and I could be friends" then things got sloppy and I watched the rose ceremony like this:

If it weren't for her I'd be yawning during the rose ceremony as well.
That wasn't even the cringiest of the cringy moments! How about this week when the wrong gal walked towards Chris thinking he called her name but no, he meant the girl BEHIND her and she fell!! Double embarrassment. She handled it well and laughed it off. I would have cried. No joke. I would have walked away crying in embarrassment and never came back.

He kept crazy eyes Ashley so at least we still have her around to talk about onions and pomegranates while she dreams of riding through a sunflower field on a horse. (Literally all her words, not mine) I thought Chris would ditch her because she's not all there and was concerned for her well being but thank God for producers for keeping someone interesting on the show.
 I kid, they're all insane and I love it

Speaking of insane, I may have officially lost my mind because I was pinning away the other day for Olivia's 2nd birthday (yes, 6 months ahead of time) and told Rich I was renting a petting zoo and pony rides for our backyard and that I already found the guy's information who does it in our area and GOOD NEWS! HE'S AVAILABLE!
He literally didn't say a word so I took that as 'well he didn't say no!' Raise your hand if you want an invite to a way-over-the-top-unnecessary two year old's birthday! Hey at least I own my crazy.
Obviously the theme is already picked.  

I picked up this book the other day and am in love. I worked in hotels for 10+ years and honestly have seen so much crazy in that decade. Why don't hotels have a reality show of what goes on behind the scenes? This memoir is a collection of the insanity that happens. If you're in hospitality I can promise you'll love it too.

You know what I'm MOST loving this week? The fact that I'm ABOUT TO DELIVER! This is our last full week and we'll be checking in to the hospital shortly to meet our new one.
I'm so over being pregnant and just dying to know if we're having a boy or girl. If this is a girl she has a name! If this is a boy, I'm so sorry little man- I'm still stuck :-/
I told Rich the other day that I've now been pregnant in the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. He said "Great! We can add 2016 and 2017 to the list too with our 3rd!"
If anyone is looking for my sense of humor, it'll be back in a few months.
 You know the drill by now:
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  1. I thought Britt was a little bizarre in the first episode too! Now, she's one of my favorites-gorgeous and seems really genuine. And, even though she's a bit of a lush, I probably would have kept Tara a bit longer...she's hilarious and doesn't have a face full of makeup 24/7.
    That book looks awesome! I too worked in hotels for a long time and my oh my the things you learn about people, and humans in general! Happy weekending!

  2. My daughter is 15 months, and my sense of humor is only now returning. Maybe in another 15 months I'll be ready to do it again. Pregnancy is no joke! Congratulations, momma!

  3. Found ya on the Five for Friday link up! OMG I loved this post! Hilarious! I meant to watch the bachelor this week and totally forgot! preggo brain I suppose! I love that you kept the sex of the baby a surprise! We are too! Happy Friday!

  4. I'm 38 weeks today too! Looking good.

  5. I've heard great things about those fairy books. I don't have any yet, but I definitely want to add some to our collection.

    And I'm loving this season of The Bachelor! I think my favorite is the short haired widow, the one in the I'm insane photo... I think her name is Kelsey?

    Just letting you know, I'm stopping by from Five on Friday.

  6. haha I love your bachelor memes with all their craziness. Hope your baby comes on time! Mine came in December - 8 days late!

    1. My first came a week late exactly but this time we have the birthday scheduled for medical reasons.

  7. Onion girl is my favorite! I love that the producers kept her. She's batshit crazy and I can't look away - like a bad car wreck. Can't wait for the other nonsense she'll spew on Monday.

    1. Monday has now become my favorite day of the week just because of the Bachelor.

  8. A petting zoo sounds like fun. The kids will surely love it!


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