Big Sister

We're now in the single digits now before Baby O #2 makes his or her arrival. I'm scheduled to check in Thursday the 22nd to be induced making Baby's birthday January 23rd. 1-23, kind of a neat birthday, huh? This means we're in our last few days of Olivia being an only child so I'm soaking up the cuddles I get from her immensely. Last night she ran up to me, held her arms up to be picked up and laid her head on my chest while I scratched her back and played with her hair. I could've sat there for hours. 

I can't lie, I'm nervous for a new baby. Not because of the newborn stage, that's all still fresh in my head: the days of laying on the couch un-showered and tired, constant feedings, basically survival mode for the house. I'm nervous for Olivia's feelings. I know she'll be excited and this will be a friend for life but I'm scared she'll feel left out or replaced and that is a very scary feeling. I know this is all normal but I feel like I'm going to give her EXTRA attention and EXTRA love and cuddles so she never feels left out. 

Onesie from Olive and Birdie 

I'm scared for leaving her for a couple days while I'm in the hospital. I hate being away from her. I am almost never away from her not counting the one or two hour-long errands I may take without her. Her and I are attached at the hip at all times. With Rich and I both home with her 24/7 she doesn't know life any other way than having both parents home with her. I know she'll be in great hands though, my girlfriends will be staying at our house having Taylor Swift dance parties, watching Frozen and eating ice cream for dinner. 
I worry about the middle of the night when she wakes up crying and Rich and I aren't there. 
That. Scares. Me. 
She is the love of my life and I'm about to add another little person to the 'love of my life' roster. 

I'm being emotional and I need to stop. 
Things are about to get awesome, hectic, fun, crazy, new, fresh, and other exciting adjectives.

Dear Baby O #2, we can't wait to meet you!
He or She? We shall see.... 


  1. Well, congratulations! My sister is due the same day and I know she is getting nervous too! I bet your daughter will be an awesome big sister though. So adorable!

  2. This is literally the scariest part of the baby number 2 decision for me - I totally get it. It's funny though - I'm an only child and kind of feel gipped. Everyone else got brothers or sisters and I always always wanted one. I know deep down, its wonderful for Olivia to have a sibling. Anyway, just wanted to say I totally get what you're feeling. Eventually you and Olivia wont even remember life before baby #2.


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