Convention Weekend

We had our yearly convention this weekend for our showmen's club so we had one last weekend as the three of us and partied at a hotel. By party I mean staying up 'til 10, running down the halls as fast as her little chubby legs would take her yelling "go go go!" and swimming.

She often face planted because her legs ran faster than her head but she'd giggle it off, get up and take off running again. I forgot how awesome hallways were when you're little and to just run, run, run!

We got to use the 4Moms Breeze for the first time and seriously you guys, this thing is the best! So easy to set up and take down, it wasn't a hassle at all. Olivia got to use her new suitcase from Christmas and only tripped 67 times while insisting on dragging it behind her all by herself.
Luggage found here.

The highlight of her weekend was having a poolside cabana room and going swimming with all the kids. We had to keep the curtains to our room closed all weekend because she'd just stand at the window and beg to go "bath".  See that cute top? She wore it all of 10 minutes before deciding it was strangling her/she hated it/she'd never wear it again so buh bye $15 because she'll be grown out of it come summertime.

I made Rich suit up because I wasn't going in there as pregnant as I am and take her swimming. No kids were in the pool so she was hesitant on whether or not she liked it (see above left) and cried until kids joined her; then it was party time and she had a blast.

Warning: Crappy cell phone pics ahead, I didn't bring my camera this weekend.
Friday night was the Open House and showcase where we saw animals, magicians, concerts, balloon artists, and tons of kid-friendly things.

T: Look, it's the dog from Iron Will!
R: Iron Will is like 20 years old.
T: Why would they have the poster there?? {With a duh look}
**He was right- the sled above the poster was from the movie- duh**

This dog was so sweet and kept giving Olivia kisses. When she wasn't trying to grab its tongue she laughed and ran away shriek-giggling over the kisses. Down the way there was a parrot (I hate hate hate birds- I'm terrified of them) that she ran over to so I had to reluctantly get close to the bird or lose my kid forever. Decisions, Decisions.... She pointed right at it and said, "Birdie!" No idea where that came from or how she knew that but we can add one more word to our minimal roster. Obviously there is no picture of the stupid birdie.
I was less afraid when she pet the alligator than when we saw that damn bird.

She ran up to this pig on the tractor but as soon as it turned its head and started talking to her she literally dropped lifeless to the floor and didn't move a muscle. I probably would've done the same thing....
I didn't ask what the pig's name was but I'm sure it was something like 'Nightmares'

This weekend is a huge party weekend (typically) for us because it's all our friends on the road that we never get to see and for one weekend we're all together in the same hotel with endless amounts of free alcohol. I drilled it in Rich's head that if I went into labor this weekend and he was out drunk somewhere I would never never never ever ever forgive him so he stayed very chill for the weekend.
Olivia and I had room service and movies cuddled up when the party started.

Sunday, like the rest of the US, we watched football. Go Seahawks! Usually today would be the day I'd be out shopping for our Super Bowl party in Seahawks/Patriots colors for a big themed party but we aren't having a party this year because it's too soon after baby. We've had a Super Bowl party every year for 8 years and it's always our biggest and loudest gathering. 99 crockpots, everyone wears a shirt they designed themselves, awards for most creative, every TV in the house is on, commercials drinking games, (my Super Bowl drinking game was pinned thousands of times last year on Pinterest, how crazy! Original post/pin found here), gambling and just all over chaos. I love it.
This year I'll celebrate with my first beer in 9 months while quietly cheering on the 'Hawks.
Oktoberfest is my favorite beer and since it's seasonal I've had a 12 pack of it waiting in the garage for me with a sign that says:
Teri's After
Baby Beer

Well the top half got ripped off so there's now a box of beer in the garage that says:
Baby Beer.
How appropriate....

Have a great week, I know we will because it's BABY'S BIRTHDAY WEEK THIS WEEK!


  1. I love your fear of birds! I can't believe its baby's birthday week. I've decided you are having a girl. Here's my reasoning: I'm 100% convinced its a boy. I even had a dream that you had a boy. Creepy? Probably. And I'm always wrong. Like always. Like out of over 100 guesses, never once been right. So I'm flipping it. Clearly it's a girl. Paint the nursery. You can count on this one. ;) Can't wait to find out!

    1. Haha you're funny Kelley! You and my best friend are the only two who think it's a girl. Everyone is convinced its a boy. I'm still 50/50 and just anxious!


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