Entryway Foyer Bench Makeover No Sew!

I've come into a very "paint all the stuff white" phase after I painted the trim in the nursery from our dated blonde oak trim to a beautiful white making the walls pop. I was afraid Rich would hate it but turns out he's totally on board and we now have plans (in the distant future after we get settled with two under two) to paint all the trim and accessories in the house white. 

Being nine months pregnant I have swings between: 
a) I'm not getting off the couch, hand me a bag of lays with a Guy's Grocery Games marathon
b) Go entertain Olivia somewhere for a few hours because I have big BIG plans to change our whole entire house! 

Saturday I decided to give our foyer bench a little makeover because I came across some extra energy and somehow our whole house is already cleaned. Nesting + Insomnia (or Pregsomnia) has officially kicked in. We bought this bench at Menards years ago to keep our shoes neatly stored away because if there's one thing that drives me nuts it's a mess and clutter and shoes everywhere, even if they're neatly lined up, I don't want to see them because soles are dirty. 

Note the ugly blonde trim everywhere. Gag. You will soon be gone! 

Buying a new bench for the entryway is a waste of money and I wanted to see how cheap I could update everything. 

Plywood ($2.50 at Home Depot)
Foam ($17.50 JoAnn Fabric)
Fabric ($5 also JAF)
Paint ($4 JAF)
Total: $29! 

I bought this paint a few weeks ago at JoAnn Fabrics a couple weeks ago knowing I could find something I'd want to paint white right away and immediately thought of our entryway bench as a great starter project trying out this chalk paint. The best part about this stuff is you don't need to sand or prime, you literally just start painting! How much easier can you get? It comes in a ton of colors and I already have plans for our changer in the nursery in a mint/gold. 

Between coats of paint I wrap a paintbrush in tinfoil to keep it from getting hard and dry. 
I cut the plywood to the exact size of the bench and brought it to JoAnn Fabrics for foam and fabric. I waited until I had a 50% off coupon for JAF and I had a mobile coupon for 50% off Hancock Fabrics. JoAnn takes Hancock Fabric coupons FYI! Foam. Is. Expensive. So wait until it's on sale or you have a coupon. I bought 2" thick and I think it's like $35/yard. I picked out a fabric that was not on sale so I could use my 50% on it and found a pretty print for $9.99 bringing it down to $5. The paint was bought in a separate trip with 50% off $7.99. 

Trying to get a "supplies" picture with a toddler is impossible. 
I don't have an electric knife for cutting the foam so I just carefully cut it with a sharpened serrated knife. Took 2 minutes, super easy. No need for new tools. 

I folded the fabric over the foam and plywood (no glue or anything holding it in place) and just stapled it to the bottom with a power stapler. Boom. Done. 

I slabbed 2 coats of the chalk paint on with a brush then went over it after the second coat with a foam roller to eliminate brush strokes for a clean finish. 

After one coat. Remember, no sanding or priming done: 

I let two hours pass between coats and found that two coats were plenty with a quick roll of the foam roller while still wet.

I left the feet dark because 1) I can't bend that way to lay down to paint them and 2) I kinda like how it looks! 

There you have it! Total project time not including waiting: 2 hours??
Optional: Top with a clear creme wax for extra durability and finish. I chose to forego this step for now. Maybe down the road if it needs touching up I will slap another coat and finisher on it but I thought it looked great without. 

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  1. I love this! I totally can't sew and do whatever I can get away with hot glue. I love the staple gun approach!


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