Five on Friday: Favorites This Week

Current loves this week
1. This Trader Joe's "wine" I bought for New Year's Eve. A few more weeks until I can enjoy the real thing but this will definitely do in the meantime. Rich even had a couple glasses with me and decided to forgo the real thing because this was so good. Our New Year's Eve was pretty lame but just the way I wanted it to be. We stayed home and went to bed by 10pm like the ragers we are. I watched the New York ball drop and reminisced about when we went years ago. My post on that here. To this day I will still tell anyone to get reservations at TGI Fridays by the ball and NOT stand in that gated people-pen. TGI Fridays sounds lame for NYE but there aren't any bars or clubs that are within sight of the ball drop. Those are all a street or two over. That main strip is large-corporate-central. Trust me on this and you'll thank me later!
2. I'm so excited for Valentine's Day already it's nauseating. I have plans to make a cardstock garland for our mantel and am eyeing up this beanie for Olivia for V-Day since she won't allow me to put bows or headbands in her hair as well as this dress. Not together of course.
3. A new 'do. I'm getting tired of my long, dull, dark hair and need some pizazz. Problem is I don't want to have to upkeep anything as far as making sure to blow dry it or curl it everyday or have to go to the salon every so often to keep up on a color. I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair. 90% of the time it's wrapped on top of my head in a messy 90's Chris Kirkpatrick looking thing. I don't even like getting my hair cut. I get bored, then antsy, then regretful, then nervous, then impatient. I never know what I want either. Layers? "Sure layers are cool...." I'd say to the stylist. I know nothing about hair other than mine needs to be different soon.
I'm kinda diggin' Ashley Green's hair here:
4. I've always loved red lips especially this time of year but scared of them and how they look on me. I stumbled upon this color and am a tad obsessed with it. It doesn't scream "help! I don't know how to do the red lip thing!" like most colors I try.
5. One more beauty thing. I know, I'm the last one who should dole out beauty advice because 99% of the time I have messy hair, no makeup and sweats but here goes: I'm obsessed with this mask for the smoothest clearest skin. As my husband so eloquently puts things "This shit is the shit."

Have a great weekend everyone! Though with this holiday it's felt like the whole week has been the weekend.
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  1. I like that hair and think you could totally pull it off. I want to try that mask now too. And I really want to see your Vday crafts!


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