Liam's Birth Story

After 39 long weeks and 2 days the wait was finally over and we found out we were having a BOY! Not finding out the sex of the baby was the hardest and best surprise of our lives.
Warning: Lots of details ahead that you may not want to hear about. You've been warned!
I was induced at 39W due to a pulmonary embolism in October of 2013. We checked into the hospital on Thursday, January 22nd at 6pm and started off with a dose of Cervidil. The cervidil would be placed for 12 hours so basically we were told to just settle in and get comfortable for the night. We played a round of Skipbo (our all time favorite card game) and I was given a dose of something marvelous to doze me off to sleep to prep for the big day the next day.
I woke up at 7am and was checked. The cervidil did its job in softening my cervix but I was still not dilated so a 4 hour round of Cytotec was administered.
I was a bit cranky that morning because I thought for sure I'd be in full blown labor by that afternoon but patience is not my middle name. The doctor told me that the cervidil did exactly what they wanted it to do. Pitocin wouldn't be effective until my cervix was ready for it. I pouted through the afternoon so Rich picked up Olivia to come visit. She saw me hooked up to the IV, fetal monitor, contractions monitor, compression pumps on my legs and basically just saw her mother as a science project. She was a little worried for me at first but climbed right up and watched Doc McStuffins with me before deciding all the buttons and cords in the room were much cooler than I.

Rich left to bring Olivia back home and grab us some real grub as the hospital food just wasn't cutting it. While he was gone they placed a Foley Balloon which I wouldn't wish on my worstest worst of the worst enemies. Thank God Rich was gone for that process. They said it could be in for up to 12 hours and every hour they would give it a tug to see if I was dilated.
After only two hours, a Jimmy John's sandwich and another round of Skipbo it fell right out and contractions immediately began. The nurses encouraged us to take a walk around the hospital where the funniest thing that has probably ever happened ever happened but Rich won't allow me to put it on the internet. Maybe one day.... stay tuned. My laughing put me into even more intense labor. I was doing the old man wheeze laugh where you laugh so hard nothing comes out but tears and air. We waddled back to our room because contractions were increasing and so I could pull myself together.
Pitocin began around 6pm on Friday and was slowly turned up until 12:30am Saturday (birth day) where they decided it was time to break my water. It must've been around a half hour after breaking my water that the contractions were one on top of the other barely giving me a chance to recover from one until the next was starting.
Epidural time!

2am I received my epidural and I may or may not have asked the anesthesiologist to marry me. After throwing up that is. I threw up when I got the epi with Olivia and not one to mess up my track record, shortly after being administered- boom! When Rich asked how I was feeling I sang the Doc McStuffin's I feel better, so much better song.
When the epi was doing its job we had a chance to finalize baby names. We had it down to:
Liam or Lucas (these were always my top two for a boy) with Maxwell, Charles, Henry, and Carter in the running.
Rich joked that we should name him Neil.
Neil O'Neil.
If it was a girl she would have been named Hazel with Harper, Charlotte, Teagan and Makayla following closely behind.
I've always wanted a little girl named Lucy but
1. Lucille O'Neil (say it out loud)
2. Rich had dogs (multiple) growing up all named Lucy
Sometime around 6am it was pushing time! This time was so much easier and smoother than I had with Olivia. It was quiet, concentrated, not a single curse word was screamed, not even a yell. I pushed for roughly 2 hours with Olivia but with Liam I think I just knew what to do this time which made things 100x's smoother. I also couldn't wait to see if we were having a boy or girl so I was much more determined and anxious to meet this baby.
We said Rich would be the one to call the sex of the baby but with the last push I was so excited I sat up and pulled him out of me yelling
"It's a boy!"
I felt terrible taking that moment from him but he said he was hoping someone else would call it 'in case he was wrong'.

While this pregnancy was worse than with Olivia, the laboring, delivery, recovery and breastfeeding is going a million times easier. I feel great, I have a very healthy very happy baby boy who is just so calm. Very unlike his mother and sister. Liam looks exactly like Rich and has his temperament as well. Very patient, calm, quiet.
Liam was a name we always liked.
Matthew is my dad's name.
I had said the entire pregnancy that this was it, this was my last child but after having him I know, just know, that I'm not done yet ;)  Just don't expect a pregnancy announcement at his first birthday this time around!

Richisms during the birth
+ The nurses were checking on me asking if I needed anything. I told them no thank you and Rich grumbled "Well I was gonna ask for some mustard...." while chowing on his sandwich.
+ Never one to be serious at all times, a few hours after Liam was born he said in his best Forrest Gump voice: "Is he smart or is he.... like me?" 

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  1. Bhahahah Rich makes me laugh out loud. What a wonderful birth story! I love that you guys waited to find out the gender - such a fun surprise and a fun day for everyone. I'm so glad everything went smoothly and that he is sleeping well and eating well. Lucky mama! Congratulations on another little miracle!!


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