Progress Report: One Week In

While things were supposed to be mellow and in-survival-mode, we were quickly reminded that we have a toddler and life doesn't always go according to plan. Olivia came down with a terrible fever and cold Monday night (we got home Sunday morning). On Tuesday night she wanted mama snuggles, Rich wouldn't do, and unfortunately for her I was nursing nonstop with Liam. She got jealous and cried telling him to 'Go on! Get!' trying to push him off my lap. I broke down crying because it was the first time I couldn't give her 100% of me. Oh hormones....
Now on Saturday her fever and sickness has hit an all time high. She won't eat, needs one of us to sleep with her, SCREAMS when we try to give her medicine, terrible raspy cough, you name it, she's got it.
Other than her spurt of jealousy she has been adoring Liam 'round the clock. Anytime she hears him fuss or cry she comes running over saying "Ohhh baby!" "Hi Baby!" or sometimes she just starts crying with him.

Note Olivia's "fitbit" to match Mama's - it's a Minnie Mouse plastic bracelet she won't take off

Our first doctor appointment for Liam was Wednesday and since the kids share a pediatrician obviously we were able to have our doctor give her a once over. This was our first time out of the house and things went well-ish. Here you can see Rich fleeing to stop Olivia from opening the door for the 19th time while we waited. She's like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park when they learn to open doors.

While measuring Liam we all had our backs turned and heard clicking. Olivia had climbed onto the doc's chair and was filling out the rest of Liam's information for the nurse. So sweet of her......

Basically it's just a wait-and-ride-it-out kind of fever so all standards around the house were extremely lowered.

+ There are crackers crumbled all over the couch.
+ Laundry everywhere in piles of: clean-ish, kinda dirty, poopy-dirty, and who knows-just sniff it.
+ I don't know if the dog ran away and decided this family was too much.
+ The diaper genies are overfilling.
+ Lots of eating over the sink
+ I found Liam's belly button stump while pulling out a load from the washing machine. I'm so tired I hadn't even noticed he lost it.
+ Cracked nipples.
+ What day is it?
+ Where am I?
The dog part is a joke you guys...
Breastfeeding is going great. No issues thus far and let's keep our fingers crossed that it stays this way. At this point with Olivia I was already supplementing with formula and ready to toss in the towel. I don't know if it's because it's the second time around or if Liam is just a much easier baby or what but I'm just feeding on his demand, not watching a clock or even touching my pump. Breastfeeding post and giveaway to come (in like, a month...)
I'm determined to get my body back as soon as I can. I gained approximately 30 pounds with this pregnancy and have 9 pounds to go to get back to my pre-baby weight. After that I have another 15ish to go to get to my goal. Casually following Tone It Up as far as eating but with more calories than usual because of breastfeeding. Though the weight is falling right off I'm extra squishy and anxious to get back to running and T25. #DontBelieveMeJustWatch
While pregnant I saw all the Pinterest posts about meal prepping crockpot stuff in giant ziplocks for easy dinners and thought 'hey great idea'.... then nothing further as I dove into my third donut.
I've made giant batches of chicken so I have healthy protein on hand, tons of salad stuff that Rich has prepped for me because he loves cutting and canning veggies, boxes and boxes of LaraBars for quick snacks and water up the wazoo.
I made an Instagram post about some last minute baby items and I have to point out that this thing sucks! It never worked, not even once. Adios $50ish dollars. Anyone who knows how to put pictures on Instagram off the Nikon D3200 let me know. I don't know how to post anywhere but from my iPhone and it's frustrating.

And finally, when people do come to visit we have them let us know ahead of time so we can put the dog outside so as not to rouse the whole house with barking and screaming and crying excitement. My friend was on her way over and Liam was asleep in my arms so I couldn't yell over Rich wearing Olivia's Anna and Elsa headphones so I texted him to open the garage and this followed:

Dear New Readers: This is just our sense of humor.
I ended up laughing too loud and woke the baby up anyway.

Saturday night Rich is going to play cards with his friends leaving me alone with the kids for an hour. I say an hour because Olivia will go to bed shortly after he leaves so we're all good. He asked if I was cool with that and Olivia and I were all:

If anyone has any tips for getting a toddler to take medicine I'm all ears.


  1. Oh my goodness, I just can't imagine the craziness of a newborn, with a toddler in the mix. Dan's new company doesn't give paternity leave - after this story, I think he'll need to look for a new job before we decide on baby number two. Love how sweet Olivia is with him - I'm sorry she's not feeling well. As for medicine, this sounds like child abuse - and maybe it is - but when Olivia was refusing medicine last time and we had to get antibiotics down her, our doctor said to hold her down, put it in her mouth and hold her nose. Holding her nose makes her swallow so she can't spit it back out. We save that for the really rough times, but it has worked. Sucks about the Nikon thing - my 50mm 1.4 prime lens came broken, but I threw away the box so it's currently at the Nikon doctor hopefully getting fixed :(. Look up the eyefi - Dan got it for me and says it'll send to your phone. Works well, but we have it send to the computer - haven't tried the phone.

    1. Last night Rich and I both held her down with all our weight and tried plugging her nose while blowing in her face so she HAS to swallow because of the air being blown in her face but she still managed to spit it all out onto my face.
      After writing this post I came up with "Mickey Juice": water, apple juice and a dose of ibuprofen all shaken up together. I asked her if she wanted juice and she said no. I asked her if she wanted this special Mickey Juice I just made and she gobbled it right up!

  2. Mercy, child. You just cured my teensy bit of baby fever I had been fighting off. I'll go pour me a glass of wine (yes at 2PM! It's Saturday!), and send lots of peace and quiet vibes your way! Or at least enough peace and quiet to get a Real Housewives episode in...


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