Uptown Funk You Up

Alternatively titled: Our Weekend. In the suburbs. Nobody got funked up.
We have very few weekends left until #2 arrives so we've been keeping our weekends as laid back as we can knowing what's in store for us with sleepless nights and juggling two under two. During nap time I did a little Valentine's Day crafting getting oh-so ahead of myself. Rich walked by the dining room table covered in pink, red, and white tulle and said: "It's January 2nd." I care not. When #2 arrives I won't have time or energy for crafting so now it is. There are 3 holidays I get overly pumped up for: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Each are planned a month prematurely and shames, I have not.
A little looksee at what I've been creating:

Friday evening while channel surfing we saw there was a Shameless marathon on ShowTime. This is one of our favorites to watch together and I'm so jazzed up that it's returning next Sunday! We spent the weekend on and off catching up and wow, have I forgotten a lot about what's happened on the show. If you need a new series to get into, give Shameless a try. Lots of drama, some comedy, Emmy Rossum needs an Emmy and Sheila is one of my favorite characters.
We actually left the house! Relax, we just went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Rich found a set of bamboo utensils he wanted to get and I had an old gift card with a mystery amount left on it. Is it $100?? Is it 40 cents?? Is it $75?? It was $4. We found the utensils but they were high up on the shelf. Neither of us could reach them and there were no employees to be found. We took turns trying to knock it off the hook all the while I was trying not to pee my pants from laughing so hard. Rich stood on the bottom shelf and BOOM! It fell apart. I had a laughing fit and couldn't stop. I swear I thought I was going to go into labor.

I tried grabbing a pair of tongs then started laughing over how ridiculous I must have looked. It didn't help that Rich was laughing at me with the kind of laugh you did back in high school when you weren't supposed to laugh in class but then you made eye contact with your friend and you both lose it- that laugh.
Eventually we got them down, yes we got our bamboo utensils. I know you guys were worried.
Olivia pretended to not know us occupying herself with a spoon and a bowl and pretended to mix something saying "Oh Mama, Num!" offering me imaginary bites of her batter.
Saturday night Rich went out for poker night with his buddies so Olivia and I had a dance party to our new favorite song.  I'm not bashful to admit I was gettin' down in the shower the other day to this song that would sure to make America's Funniest Home Videos should anybody have caught me especially with my enormous stomach getting in on the action. It probably doesn't top Olivia's new dance which involves her squatting down with her legs apart, alternating raising her elbows in the air then lifting her shirt and slapping her belly.
She gets her moves from her Dad on that one.
Saturday night I had the worst night of sleep ever getting a total of maybe 3 hours. I couldn't shut my brain off and anxiously awaited 10am for Michaels and JoAnn Fabric to open so I could get supplies for my ideas. I accidentally broke my sewing machine and iron so I stared at the clock until 10 to 10 when I could leave.

To kill time Olivia and I had a little donut morning. It's a pretty good start to your day when your donut matches your plate amiright?


Typically I buy groceries at Target but when I found that our local grocery store had THESE carts and Olivia stayed calm and still and never ran away once, I quickly decided we had a new grocery store. This is gonna affect my Cartwheel stats with my Facebook friends but so be it!

 The word of the evening was RELAX. Or be lazy. Relax is just a forgiving word for lazy. We have a big week ahead of us with an ultrasound to see if baby is still breech, my appointment with my Doctor to schedule baby's birthday and Olivia's 18 month check up.

Have a great week!


  1. Wait! Have you scheduled the birthday yet?? Also - I feel like if anyone can play a carnie game like knock the bamboo things down from up high - it's you guys. :) Laughing so hard at that story.

    1. We have scheduled baby's birthday! He or she will be here January 23rd (1/23!)


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