5 on Friday: 5 Haps This Week

Well we didn't win the powerball :-/
I suppose you have to buy tickets to win, huh?

While in Babies R Us I spotted this cookie and had never heard of it before. I was hungry and thought Eh, what the hell? Probably won't work anyway.
So I chomped on half of it on our way to Liam's 2 week check up. We get settled in the doctor's office and I take my sweatshirt off. Two HUGE wet spots staring right back in the doc's face.
Guess they work.

I've been spending a lot of time nursing on the couch or bed which leads to too much internet-ting. I came across this Instagram account and can't stop laughing. Warning: Don't click if you're easily offended. My favorite that relates most to me: "Hey sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come"

I bought this hilarious shirt for Olivia. I couldn't get a pic of her in it because she is non.stop.moving.


Pre-coffee this morning I was holding Liam and grabbed the bottle of syrup off the table that Rich and Olivia didn't put away. I went to put Liam in his crib and the syrup in the fridge. When I opened the fridge holding the baby and not the syrup I realized I put the syrup in the crib.
Don't put the baby in the fridge...


Finally, make sure to scroll down to enter my Halo SwaddleSure giveaway!
I've been having total mom-brain lately and the option to follow on Instagram is incorrect. My handle is Instagram.com/livi_and_liams_mama but it won't let me change it now.
Good Luck!
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  1. I need to remember those cookies for our next baby!!! I just found your link and love your blog :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea@ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  2. I heard those cookies work - hilarious story to prove it. I love FuckJerry - started following him over Christmas. So glad you didn't find Liam in the fridge :)

  3. Found your blog from Erika's. Realized you lived in the Cities. So do we.


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