Five on Friday: Weekday Haps

While all our pantries are locked, Olivia somehow managed to open the main pantry and pull out a box of cereal without anyone noticing. It wasn't until I heard the dog crunching away that I found an entire box of fruit loops thrown all about the entire living room floor.
Thank God for our Roomba to help me clean it all up. Did I mention our Roomba speaks French? Because Olivia changed it. To French. I have no idea how. Or how to fix it.
I wish I had a picture of the cereal incident but was too worried about getting it cleaned. #MomBloggerFail
To make up for it, here's an unrelated, super cute, snuggly baby pic:
I'm so sick of this couch.... and my nails....
On Wednesday we took the kids to the children's museum in Saint Paul to check out the new Sid The Science Kid exhibit and to get Olivia out of the house because she's been slowly losing her mind. There was a face painting station set up that she was interested in but a bit hesitant to dive right into. I let her draw on my face first so she could see how fun it was.
Fast forward to two hours later.
I take Liam to his doctor's appointment (tear duct stenosis) and completely forgot about her 'art' on my face. The receptionist, nurse, doctor and pharmacist pointed out her doodles on my face. D'Oh!
We went out for $1 taco night, our first night out with both kids and I was a worried mess for no reason. Liam slept the entire time and Olivia had a blast making wishes in the fountain. She spent all of the change in the bottom of my purse and diaper bag so hopefully all her dreams come true.
I had my first drink and made it about 1/4 way through my beer before I decided I was too scared because of breastfeeding. Total waste.
I went to Target! I waltzed in that automatic door carrying my new baby and headed straight for Starbucks where I was probably grinning a little too giddily at the barista for my iced coffee making too-long-for-comfort-eye-contact. No cream. No sugar. Straight up. With love. Olivia was even uncharacteristically well behaved. It was heaven. On earth. With red bulls eyes. Of course I forgot to stop at the pharmacy- the whole reason we went.
c/o Solly Baby Wrap
My Tone It Up plan is getting quite the workout on my phone. I'm having serious Trader Joe's and running withdrawals. There are quite a few recipes I can't wait to try especially with their new 'Love Your Body' edition. I plan on doing a family-friendly TIU approved post soon because finding meals that are both healthy and Rich & Olivia approved can be tough.
This week I made everyone's favorite: Spaghetti! Yes, you can have spaghetti on the plan! Not 4 or 5 times a week of course but with slight adjustments. Our family made the switch to turkey meat away from red meat a few years ago. I make spaghetti with 100% whole wheat pasta, clean sauce and turkey meat. Olivia gobbled it up and got a bath after to wash the sauce from her hair. It's no coincidence spaghetti night and bath night always fall on the same day.
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  1. Babies and fountains ... what is it about them -- my daughter LOVES a fountain! I love taking her to see the one in the mall.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. That's so funny about the cereal. I wish you had a picture. Any chance Olivia wished to win the lottery? Or something that benefits you? And target. I love target. But I always leave without the one item I came to get or to return.

  3. So I kind of love that your Roomba speaks French - that's hilarious!
    Yay for new baby snuggles AND trips to Target!


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