Liam: One Week

Thank you so much for your congratulations and well wishes on our new addition. We're so in love with our little guy and thrilled to be a family of four. It feels like he's been part of our family forever already.

Though our first week was very rough due to Olivia having the worst sickness I think I've ever seen her have, we made it through! Liam is SUCH a good baby. I'm amazed at how calm, content, happy, and easy he is compared to his older sister. I don't remember the first week with Olivia because it was a big sleepless blur of us not knowing what we were doing with her. Maybe it's the fact that he's an easy baby, or that this is our second rodeo but with Liam we actually know what we're doing this time, and Dr. Google hasn't been used once for stupid-new-parent-questions.
He's honestly so sweet and easy that I'm not totally anti kid #3 happening sooner than later.
 I probably shouldn't have said that....
Breastfeeding is going perfectly. By this time already with Olivia we were supplementing with formula. I've ignored all clocks and the whole sticking strictly to the "pump or feed every 2 or 3 hours" and just let him decide when and for how long he eats. I've used my pump less than a handful of times only because I was so engorged I had to. Being less stressed about it this time has made things so much easier for the both of us. He is in 100% control of our "schedule".
By the way, we've thrown out all "schedules" in our home and have moved to a "routine". Everyone is much happier and more relaxed.
By his 4-day-old check up he lost only 7 ounces and by his 6-day-old check up he was down only 3oz. By now I'd guess he's back to his birth weight.

He 'sleeps through the night' already. Technically. For his age. He wakes at midnight and 4am to feed for about a half hour then goes right back to sleep waking again around 8am. Having a four hour stretches so consistently at this age is rare. I consider myself super lucky with this!
Tears happen only when I'm changing his clothes or his diaper. Changing baby boy diapers is certainly a different story from girls. I'm getting used to the new plumbing and only had pees flying everywhere a few times.
He's still in newborn clothing and diapers but I can see us moving into size one diapers by the end of this or next week.
Big Sister loves him so much. She's been jealous only a few times when she wanted to snuggle Mama but I was nursing Liam. Those were rough times because we don't yet bottle feed so I couldn't just set him down for her. Anytime she walks into the room and sees him she gets excited and says "baby" 46,000 times. A finger or two have gone into his eye or up his nose but we're working on that. She kisses his head and my heart puddles up every time.
+ I was going to the bathroom with the door open so I could see both kids; him in his MamaRoo and her roaming freely when I saw her put a box on his head and say "hat!"
+ While I was nursing his feet were hanging out of his blanket and she said "baby toes!" then made tickling noises while playing with his feet.
+ When he starts to fuss she runs over with his pacifier or his hat or blanket to calm him down.
The toddler tantrums are increasing, I'm guessing due to the drastic change of the household so Rich has been trying to implement Time-Out. Olivia was playing in the dog water, something she KNOWS is a no-no and Rich said, "Alright, that's it. Time Out!" walking her to the blank wall and chair in the corner. She grabbed his hand happily and said, "Party!?"
Close. But No.
And how's Mom doing? Only a couple meltdowns. On Friday I took Liam to get follow up blood work done because of his jaundice (my crappy Lightroom skills are showing in this post, I know) and I hate having to hold him while he screams from the heel prick, it just breaks my heart. On my way home from that doctor visit I get a text from Rich that Olivia has thrown up again and not doing well and I just died because I want nothing more than for my kids to be healthy and happy.
Sam Smith and his angel voice came on the radio and I bawled. I had to change it to Shade 45 to hear some violent rap music so I'd stop crying. I hate rap music!
Thank God for baby wearing wraps because the 4th trimester needs are strong with this one. He doesn't like being far from me but I'm totally fine with the extra snuggles. How else would I be able to keep up on blog posts without a wrap? Wouldn't.

c/o Solly Baby Wrap More on this later!
I won't be doing weekly updates but thought the first week deserved its own post. Happy One Week Buddy!


  1. I can almost smell "new baby" through my computer. My uterus hurts now. Time to shut down the computer.

  2. I love this weekly update (even if they dont continue). I am so glad everything is going well. You make having two babies seem doable. I cried once a day for almost 4-5 weeks post Olivia. Always a silly reason. Those hormones!


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