Solly Baby Wrap Review

The sweet folks over at Solly Baby sent me a wrap to review! I had already purchased one when I was about 6 months along so I'm now the lucky owner of two of these incredible wraps. The very first thing I noticed about them when I opened them is how soft the material is. Silk like. The fabric is a very thin, very soft knit material and not as chunky as other wraps. This could easily fit in a diaper bag unlike other wraps (I've tried the Moby with Olivia and it lasted all of 2 days before I sold it on eBay out of frustration.) We've tried the giant baby carriers with clips and clasps and after you put it in the diaper bag you have no room left for diapers or bottles- you know, the essentials.

Size comparison with my phone:

We have the Ergo baby carrier and I honestly haven't even tried to use it yet because I love my Solly so much as far as comfort and ease in carrying it around. Our Ergo is currently sitting on the floor of the mini van with some crunched cheerios, stale fruit snacks, and missing pacifiers.

How pretty is my Target? 
I don't just use this when we go out, this is worn daily around the house so I can have my hands free to do laundry, unload the dishwasher, feed the dog, play with Olivia, etc. After Liam is fed and changed, he's placed right in the wrap and drifts peacefully off to sleep for hours. When Olivia was an infant I didn't have a carrier right away and she refused to be set down so the house went to hell along with my sanity because I couldn't EVER set my baby down. I knew with this little one that I would be prepared and I'm armed with two of these fantastic wraps!

When we go out I have the wrap tied to me prior to arriving to our destination. Let's be real here, 90% of the time that destination is Target or Starbucks. So I can just plop Liam right from car seat to baby wearing. Now my hands are free to hold Olivia's hand and grab the diaper bag. The infant days of Olivia, we were forced to unhook the infant car seat and lug that 40+ pound seat around.
Back in MY day... 

The wrap comes with a booklet showing how to wrap the wrap but I'm more of a visual person so check out these videos if you are as well. Once you figure it out you can do it with your eyes closed. Or with a toddler screaming at you to hurry up and cut her banana while a baby cries to be picked up while you wonder when the last time you ate was. Or showered. Or slept.
One thing I quickly learned was to tie it TIGHT. If you tie it and wonder how you can get your baby to fit in there, you tied it correctly. Too loose and baby is down by your belly button- not correct and not safe. You should be able to barely lean down and kiss the top of baby's head.
You can either wrap the loose ends up or what I like to do is tie it at the side and let the ends hang. This works well as a quick booger-napkin for the toddler. 

Solly Baby gives $1 from every wrap purchased to Every Mother Counts, a charity aimed at ensuring pregnancy and childbirth is safe for all mothers. Various colors often will offer more of a donation given to EMC, browse around.

I couldn't decide between Goldie and Ox Blood but finally went with Goldie since we'll be using this wrap mostly in the Spring and Summer and Ox Blood felt more of a fall color. Castlerock was a close second but Rich told me I need to add more color so Goldie it is! I have the grey and white stripe of course because everything I own is black, white or gray. One of these days I'll expand my wardrobe, probably not. I am digging the gold color for the (hopefully soon) upcoming Spring and find myself buying a lot of yellow/gold for the kids and I this season. 
I am all about the fourth trimester and baby's need to always be held. You cannot spoil a newborn in my eyes but you also cannot realistically sit and hold your baby 24/7 especially when you have another child who needs you. Baby wearing is the solution to surviving/dealing with/ experiencing two under two. 

With Liam being born during the worst flu season I've ever heard of I'm a very nervous mama who has ninja like skills in swatting stranger hands away from the baby. I am also stingy with who holds him and baby wearing is the perfect excuse to keep folks away and keep baby safe.
You cannot wear this with baby facing out or on your back so we'll use this as long as the baby will allow us to. You can wear up to 25 pounds which is roughly 16-18 months old in my experience. You'll certainly get your money's worth using it for up to a year.

Fan-girling-moment: I was sitting in the Home Depot parking lot when my Instagram followers began increasing out of nowhere then a Facebook friend sent this to me. Confused, I looked and saw Solly Baby had tagged me and reposted my photo; shocked face emoji!

We're huge fans of Solly Baby and encourage any new/soon to be mamas who are looking for a great wrap for their babies to check them out. I can honestly say I will never use another wrap/carrier other than Solly again.

Disclaimer: I was given the Solly Baby Wrap in exchange for a review of their product. All opinions are 100% my own. I do not review/endorse items unless our family truly loves them and would purchase them ourselves.


  1. I used the Moby and liked it with Olivia. But it was huge to carry around. You've convinced me. Next kid. Solly.

  2. i have the striped wrap and i cant wait to start using it! im glad you liked yours. xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting two great giveaways for mamas on cornflake dreams


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