Things I Suck At

While "cooking dinner" tonight I asked Rich how to make the zucchini. He told me to cut it Julienne style and I responded with something along the lines of huh? After I ruined dinner for the countless number of times since we've been together I poured myself a glass of wine and said, "whatever, cooking is stupid anyway" and turned on an episode of Portlandia.
I then got to thinking about things I suck at. Hey, we all can't be prosperous across the board. Everyone sucks at some stuff and here's my list:
{ONE: Saving Money}
I am now on a Target budget. Rich told me I need to cut back after opening our latest RedCard bill. I was all

then turned the computer towards me to see the total
I had a justifiable response for every transaction. Right......
{TWO: Being Proper}
When meeting new people I'm painfully awkward. I'm awkward with people I've known for years but it's even worse around new-folk. My sense of humor has never been lady-like as I was raised by a man and 3 brothers and married someone who still laughs at South Park (thankfully!) If someone tells a joke that doesn't involve the F word or a genitalia reference I probably won't laugh.
{THREE: Hair & Makeup}
Like I said, I was raised by a man and brothers. When I try to get dressed up for a night out with the girls I'm usually all
{FOUR: Driving}
True story: About a year ago (maybe more, I should add 'memory' to this list) I was heading out to go shopping and threw my car into reverse. Problem is, I didn't open the garage door. I drove my damn car right into the garage door. To this day there is a huge dent in the door still. Oops. I told Rich that HEY! I didn't go all the way THROUGH the garage.
He wasn't impressed. On the plus, I can drive a stick shift. I won't comment on how long it took me to learn that or how many times I yelled at my Dad telling him "it isn't me! there is truly something WRONG with this car!" There wasn't.
{FIVE: Dancing}

Taylor Swift has more dance game than I. Put a little tequila in me and I'm all:

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  1. No exaggeration, I laughed out loud at this. That lady dancing at the end-I can relate! And, number two (if the joke "doesn't involve the F-word or a reference to genitalia")...I feel the same way! Loved reading this!

  2. Hahahah I love this post. When I spent $700 at Target one time Dan told me I was never allowed to go unchaperoned. In my defense, it was Christmas present time and most people got shit from Target. I love this post. I suck at a lot of things.


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