20 Months of Olivia

In just 4 short months my little scowl-faced, screeching, mullet-haired, climbing, dancing, giggle-box will be two! Soak that in for a second, it blows my mind.


Likes: Mickey Mouse, Frozen (ugh-still), dancing, Taylor Swift, her blankies that she insists on carrying all 7 with her, her bear "Pickles", Dr. Seuss books, snacking, jumping, slides, swings, nail polish and bath time. Oh Lordy she loves bath time. When we say the word she goes running for her bathroom screaming "baf! baf! baf!" up two flights of stairs.
Foods: Eats just about anything especially blueberry pancakes, "tickin" (chicken), "muck" (milk) and mac and cheese simply known as "tease".

Cackas = Crackers
Kickees = Cookies
Sides = Slides
Piss = Please
Nack = Fruit Snack
Boob = Booboos (our dog, Biscuit)
No = everything
She's allowed to say no 2,564 times a day but if Rich or I do she screams in our faces. Literally. Jesus take the wheel.
One day while I was sipping a (much needed) glass of chardonnay she pointed to it and said "deuce?"
Sure is some juice.
Wild Child: She can now climb into her high chair and seat herself. She climbs the cupboards to the countertops, she climbs the chairs and stands on the dining room table, she climbs the ladders at the playgrounds and inevitably one of these days will crack her skull open because of her bravery. Can't hold her down. We've moved everything up about 4 feet to which Olivia said, "Challenge Accepted". She one day got the dog biscuits down from above the cupboards. NO IDEA how, and dumped them all out for Biscuit to go ape shit on.
Another favorite past time of hers is to open drawers she knows she shouldn't and when we ask her to please close the drawer she pretends to put all of her weight into it and "can't" close it because it's too "hebby". But you JUST opened it....
She is terrible at sitting still in the shopping cart or in restaurants. Terrible. I am very pro-kid leashes. I get frustrated seeing the other children at Target behaving so well and mine is using the cart as a pommel horse. I must've missed the Groupon on 'Keeping Your Kid In The Cart' that everyone else apparently got.  

I see you, Girl Scout Cookies 
Dislikes: The word 'no'. That's pretty much it. She does this awful thing where she just screams at the top of her lungs giving you an insta-headache. Though I'd never do it, this often pops in my head when that happens:
Routines: Thankfully she's a great sleeper and never protests bedtime or naptime. I have no tips on how to make that happen or what we did. She just loves her sleep. Both kids are excellent sleepers so I must've been a saint in a past life or something to receive such a blessing.
But God was all, "that's it though. She'll be a great sleeper but she'll scream loud as shit all day" and I was all "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmdeal."

This is the day I realized I dressed my kid like North West- the person not the airline
Ride or Die: Her best friend is Sebastian, otherwise known as "Bass" or "Bashy". I love that my best friend and I had kids at the same time (one week apart) and those two are now best friends. Watching them play and hug is one of the best things for Jamie and I to see. When Bash comes over he immediately starts looking for "Olo" (her initials).
Big Sissy: She's a wonderful big sister to Wee-um. When he starts fussing she runs over and gently rubs his head or pops his pacifier in his mouth. She kisses him gently and when he coos she looks at me with proud eyes and smiles wide.
I love this crazy little girl to the moon and back and back again. She's spunky and crazy and keeps her father and I on our toes. We love you Livi Lou!


  1. Such a fun update. Always hysterical. I laughed out loud at piss. Kids are so funny. Our neighbor has a two year old who says 'cock' for 'chalk.' And its funny every time. "No touch my cock." "I want cock!" Poor kid.

    1. OMG! I just snort laughed over cock.


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