A Day In The Life of Two Under Two

This blog has taken a major backseat to life lately as Liam is especially clingy and has just one dislike: being set down. When my hands are free I like to spend it either showering, doing laundry, sewing or eating as opposed to typing. So I thought I'd throw together an unorganized day in the life post.
6:22am - Wake up. How'd you sleep? Didn't? Great! Baby's up for the day. Pour my first of 5 thrice reheated cups of coffee.
6:30a-7a Nursing
7:30a The loud one is up. One handedly heat up some Elmo pancakes for her while nursing again and trying to remember to feed the dog.
9a Decide to try to wear Olivia out by taking her to the indoor playground. Should I sprint through the shower really quick?
Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.
10a Time to leave, little Foo Fighter pushed someone off the slide. Try to discipline her and she laughs in my face. Parenting: You're doing it wrong.
Pop over to SAMs club for the necessities: coffee, bananas and wipes. We go through those three things faster than anything else in the house.
Add the following to our cart that we didn't plan on purchasing:
Mega pack of apples
New pillows
A bench for the end of the bed
A toddler book about Jesus
Three new sleepers for the baby
Throw pillows for the outside patio we can't yet use
11a Head home and pray Olivia doesn't fall asleep in the car on the way home. Car naps suck.
She's sleeping.
12p Both kids are napping and my arms are free. I can either: finally make a meal for myself, eat the rest of the girl scout cookies while the toddler is sleeping so I don't have to share with her, go for a run, or read a book.
I hop on the scale and the treadmill wins.
Restart the washing machine for the 3rd time (of the same load) on the way to the basement.
12:30p Almost quit working out because a nap sounds much better. Google: Kayla Itsines Butt for motivation.
Dear Butt,
Please try to look more like Kayla's butt. Thanks. Love, Teri.
1p Both kids are up.
And loud.
1:30p Count down the hours until the appropriate hour to begin drinking wine. Decide it's too early and order hilarious T-shirts for the kids they don't need. Por ejemplo:
Shirt found here
4p ELLEN! Dance party with Olivia.
5p More nursing. Try to do it in bed and wonder what planet my kid came from

(that heavy breathing is HER not me)
6p Dinner time. Scrap together something healthy that isn't TOO disgusting for Rich and Olivia. If it involves quinoa they want no part of it.
7p Stare at the clock for the next hour and a half wondering just how terrible it would be to put her to bed too early.....
8p Enlist in Disney Jr's help so I can do some sewing.
Not get anything done because this little face is staring at me and make googly eyes with him for an hour
9p The big one's bed time. Ahhhh peace and quiet.
9:30p Head to bed. Stare at the ceiling and not sleep because I can't stop thinking about what I didn't accomplish.
9:32p Miss my kids like crazy because they're both sleeping and I want to play.

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