Dance like Uma Thurman (Our Weekend)

Another long blogging break. Why you ask? Another eye issue thanks to one the offspring. I was laying in bed with Olivia and closed my eyes while she watched her cartoons. She says, "Hey Mama!" I open my eyes expecting, I don't know, a kiss? A hug? No, I got a punch right to the eye.
Now I know why hampsters eat their young.
This weekend we headed to the 'Home and Garden Show' at the Minneapolis Convention center and I didn't even have to beg or convince Rich to go. Olivia had it ranked up there with the playhouse and Ikea as far as fun levels because they gave out suckers, balloons, bead necklaces, and Grandma bought her whatever toys she wanted. She almost bought her one of those Rainbow playgrounds for the backyards but Rich put his foot down and told her to stop spending money. Party Pooper. The conversation went a little like this:
G: How much
Salesman: $$$$$$$!
R: Absolutely not
G: Stop it Rich, I'm buying it.
R: No you're not.
G: Today. Yes I am.
Salesman: - awkward silence-
R: That's way too much
Salesman: It's 45% off if you buy today
R: She's not buying one
G: Would you stop?
Salesman: -more awkward silence-
Rich walks away
G: I don't care what he says. I'm getting her one.
I truly have no idea if this playground is going to show up. We shall see.
My kids are way too spoiled.

While there we saw a girl with long dark hair, wearing her baby in a Solly baby wrap like I was and her toddler was wearing Freshly Picked moccasins. Rich was the one to point out my 'twin'. 'Scuze me while I pick up all the names I just dropped. It was just funny to see someone I should probably be best friends with.
 Friday afternoon we took Olivia to the germ-infested playhouse and after her nap she pooped all over her bed resulting in an impromptu bath. #Shitpocolypse.
After her bath Rich laid her on our bed to get her dressed. She stood up and exorcisted all over our bed. I've never seen that much vomit come out of such a tiny body. I was expecting a night full of sweet sick snuggles (the only time she ever cuddles me is when she's sick) but no, she got right up and started dancing like Uma Thurman and asking for numnums. Bad song joke, I couldn't resist.
Kids are so odd. Want proof?
Olivia found my old fetal Doppler and used it for what she thought it was for- singing.

Have a cheeky rest of the week

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