Five on Friday: My Etsy favorites

I love Etsy. I can buy unique items right from an app on my phone and get "happy mail" every so often. Beats getting up and brushing my hair to go to the mall wrangling two littles. Pssttt check out my shop! Shameless plug for myself yet again. Here are the shops and items I'm loving.


I've already ordered my favorite mug and am impatiently awaiting its arrival. I love coffee mugs that are either pretty or funny. There's no room in my pantry for boring mugs. I follow Alexis on Instagram and this Mama is BUSY! I fully support working momtrepreneurs and this gal is crazy successful with her hilarious and sparkly jars. I had a hard time picking which one to buy because they're all hilariously glitterally cute. (Glitterally - I should trademark that)


Bill Murray wine stopper.
Nuff said.


Hilarious kids shirts are my jam. You've probably noticed many of my kids' clothes have '90s references and I'm adding this mother sucker to their closet. 

I am definitely NOT a fan of the gross Spencers-like shirts that say things like "Hung like Daddy" or "Boob Man" ..... or outrageous tacky ruffle pants on little girls. Am I the only one who thinks this is not cute? 


I haven't ordered from here yet but love that you can buy cookie cutters in nearly any shape. You know me and excessive children's birthday parties. I have my eye on a few for Olivia's birthday this July. Kids love cookies (obvi) and will love them even more if they're shaped like their favorite character. That is if I didn't burn them...
Please go check out my sweet friend's shop full of bow ties and shirts for babes!
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