Five on Friday

Olivia had her first day of dance class on Wednesday
Sweatshirt c/o Sugarplum Lane Boutique
And clearly hated every second of it.
She crashed so hard that night from all the fun she had not listening to her new teachers.
Blurry photos courtesy of me not wanting to be that parent and whipping out a giant bulky camera so I stuck with the aesthetically pleasing iPhone photos instead.
On Tuesday we went out to the one place in town that didn't serve green beer so after a few selfies we went home to make our own.

While watching Frozen for the enormous number of times Rich said

I recently discovered Bakery Charms and the owner Jen is making something personal and special for Olivia. They have the cutest little jewelry and I had to stop myself from ordering too much. As you may or may not know Rich's grandparents began O'Neil Amusements in the '30s with popcorn trucks and corndogs. Today we still make hundreds of thousands of corndogs with the secret family recipe for State Fairs around the United States so what better food item for Olivia as a 4th generation O'Neil than a little corndog necklace? I can't wait for it to arrive!

We have a wall of family photos down the hallway to our bedroom that are 99% photos of Olivia because I have yet to print and hang pictures of Liam. Olivia loves running down the hallway pointing to the pictures and yelling "ME"!!!!!!
No lack of self esteem around here.

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