Fun in the Sun

A few weeks ago it was finally warming up and we went to the park every day sometimes multiple times a day. Then BAM Minnesota showed her bipolar side and it snowed one day and rained the next. The nice weather had us outside grilling, dinner on the patio, and staring at our pool wondering when we'll FINALLY be able to open it and swim again. 

Olivia is a total mermaid. She loves all things water; her bath, the dog's bowl, washing her hands 2349587 times a day, and swimming - otherwise known as "shimming". Since I can't hurry the weather I can daydream about new suit ideas for her. 

I didn't make a boy board because honestly, every shop has like one maaaaaaybe two options for boys when it comes to swimwear. Not fair. I'll be getting Liam a full swim wear suit similar to this one since he has his Dad's sensitive skin. 

I didn't make a mom board (yet) because I am so not ready to think about squeezing my ass into anything revealing just yet. Nobody wants to see that. I have a closet FULL of bikinis that I'm probably going to Kim-Kardashian-ugly-cry while throwing them away. 

I love love love the mermaid one piece but that price would make Rich flip. So instead I found this suit that I'm TOTALLY getting her. 

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  1. Olivia has the purple one! Don't throw away your bikinis yet mama - keep on kayla-ing!!


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