Liam: 2 Months

Liam is now 2 months old and truly the happiest and most calm little guy ever. He's constantly smiling and cooing and causing me to do that high pitched obnoxious baby talk. Gushing. He had his two months shots which didn't go as well as they did with Olivia, she didn't care - as is her mood as of late. He was smiling and cooing at me right before the nurse was ready to poke him. I didn't want to turn away from his smiles but I didn't want her to prick him when he was happy either. Hurt me a lot more. He took a heavy nap after he screamed for a bit then woke up screaming. He isn't a big crier so when he was screaming I knew they bothered him. Thank God one of my girlfriends is a pediatrician so I texted her asking if he could/how much Tylenol to give him. She's used to it by now along with texting pictures of poop asking IS THIS NORMAL??! By the next day my happy dude was back to smiling and completely forgot about the horrific shots - I hope.

" Baby Keep Ya Head Up" ~ Tupac

Height: 1'11" (59th percentile)
Weight: 13 lb. 14.5oz. (83rd percentile)
Head: 40.7cm (90th percentile)

Feeding: 95% exclusively breastfed with maybe a bottle of formula at night or if we're on the go because I'm still not totally comfortable nursing in public. I know, I know. But I'm not even great at small talk so pulling my bloated tit out and wrestling my infant under a cover with it doesn't come easy either. So be it.

Sleeping: Meh. He's always been a wonderful sleeper but lately is really loving seeing the clock and my tired face at 3am, 4am, 5am, 5:20am, 6am, so on and so on. Both kids go to bed at 8:30 very easily though so that's not awful. We strip him down to a diaper, double swaddle (an Aden + Anais swaddle then topped with a HALO SleepSack), lay him in his Rock and Play while he drifts off to a little white noise, or Jack Johnson.

Mood: Happy as a clam. Happy as a kid in a candy store. Happy as a bird with a french fry. Happy as 14 year old Teri at an NSYNC concert. Just don't ever ever ever set him down ever. Must. Be. Held. Makes it difficult getting anything done sometimes.

Favorites: Being held. Me. The ceiling fan.

Siblings: 90% of the time they get along just fine. Did you see my Instagram of them??? There are times when Olivia will kick him or hit him out of nowhere but he takes it in stride. Minimal tears. He just better never lay on her pink blankey. Thank God Rich was there to catch Liam when Olivia spotted him relaxing on the floor on her blanket and she tried pulling it out under him quickly a'la a magician pulling a tablecloth out and not moving the dishes.

Liam's WTF face here kills me

 Love you Liam Matthew! Slow down on growing up too quickly.

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