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I've mentioned many times how I'm a big Tone It Up fan here as well as the Crazy Sexy Diet; I don't like to call it "dieting" but more of a healthier way of living and eating - a trick I tell my mind so I'm not always in a slump of dieting. The truth is, when Rich and I started eating healthier a couple years ago we both felt so much better too leading us to stick to it without even thinking about it.  We made simple changes in the beginning
+ No more soda. We will very occasionally have one, I'm talking maybe once a month if that. We just don't buy it so it's not in the house anymore. During birthday parties or holiday parties we will have some for guests but that's basically the only time.
+ I switched from regular milk to almond milk. Rich and Olivia aren't fans so I'm solo on the "gross milk" as it's so fondly known in our home as.
+ Red meat only once or twice a month. All "beef" dinners are now turkey meat: tacos, spaghetti, meatloaf, sloppy joes even. Olivia loves it and really, how would she know any different?
+ Chicken and greens 3+ nights a week. Luckily this is Olivia's favorite meal as well. I'm so glad chicken is one of her favorite foods. To simplify everything for myself I marinate a couple family packs of chicken in the fridge and buy the frozen bags of various veggies. Heat it all up in a wok and bam  - stir fry (kinda). Often we have asparagus and zucchini with a sweet potato and chicken breast for dinner. That's probably 80% of our week paired with a glass (or two...) of red wine.
+ Pasta once a week but it's 100% whole grains. Never ever ever ever that crap in the green box that's like 89 cents. You know what I'm talking about.
+ Juicing a couple times a week. I'm a little bad at making sure I get all my veggies in ( because I'm 11 years old) and juicing is a great way to load up. Since I'm nursing I cannot do a full detox like I want to but I just drink a mason jar full in the morning a couple times a week. It's best to drink on an empty stomach to absorb the nutrients quickly? better? betterer? I dunno.
I've been asked for my recipe before but I honestly don't have one. I buy the following every time we juice:
A few bunches of kale (kale and spinach are always the bulk of the "recipe")
a bunch or two of spinach
A couple fruits to sweeten it up (oranges, apples, pears)
Lots of carrots
2" ginger root
Misc. items: Celery, pineapples, parsley, etc.
Always fresh, raw ingredients and organic as much as I can. If you live in Minnesota, Byerly's has the BEST produce selection. They also have the BEST bakery section but steer clear- you've been warned.
We started making Olivia's apple juice rather than buying it and sneaking in a few greens and she hasn't (yet) noticed.
+ That's basically it. Not really a "diet" and my family eats healthy because of this. Do we have cheat days and cheat meals? Hell yes. I love nachos and a tall dark beer as much as the next frat boy. I just do it in moderation.
So what about kids and toddlers in all this? AKA, what's your point Teri?

Greek Yogurt is one of Olivia's favorite meals and snacks because she thinks she's eating ice cream or having a "cheat" (treat) when really she's getting plenty of protein (for days I don't feel like cooking eggs), calcium, and with the new Chobani Tots line she's getting real fruits and vegetables as well.
The Chobani Tots pouches are amazing because they're a nutritious, delicious, and CLEAN way for tots to eat. Clean? Yes, for example ------> 
 No pouch:


I'm a fan because the pouch is re-sealable. All too often she asks demands for a "nack" (snack) because she's starving and after one or two bites she ditches her "nack" on the ground for the dog to score. No more waste when she decides one bite is enough, simply reseal and toss it back in the fridge for the next calamity.
Thankfully Olivia enjoys healthy foods and I encourage her healthy choices (and language skills) by holding up an apple and banana asking her which she would like. This builds her little confidence up because she decided what she was eating - not me. Sneaky Mom Award. She almost always chooses the banana meaning we literally go through about 2.5 bunches a week. Thank God they're cheap.
So what about your kids? Any extra tips in encouraging healthy eating?

*** All opinions and messy faces 100% our own ***


  1. Wow! what a great 20 month old LOVES yogurt but it is always so messy...I will definitely be buying these ! We have also been eating healthier but need to cut out read meat and substitute turkey like you. I have a hard time getting my toddler to eat anything other than chicken nuggets and pasta, althought he does love his veggies and fuits! I'm always looking for new ideas.

    1. Calie, these are filled with fruits and veggies so you shouldn't have any problems sneaking them into his meal :) I tried buying more of the Chobani Tot products at Target the other day and they were all sold out so you know it's good! Thanks for reading :o)

    2. So after I read your post I went to the store that night and bought 2 boxes! Grady had them gone by Sunday morning! He LOVES them so we had to make another run last night to get more!


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