An Actual Day In The Life

I recently did a me vs. Kim Kardashian day in the life which was more parody than true to life. I thought I should do a real-actual-day-in-the-life because I love reading other blogs' DITLs. I don't know how exciting it will be but hello, entire blog. Let's begin.

5am: Liam and I wake up. I head down to the living room and feed him until he falls asleep again. From 5am to 7:30ish is my get stuff done time as far as blogging, emailing, business end of my Etsy shop, scheduling our season, etc. This is the only time of day the entire house is asleep so I pour numerous cups of coffee and get shit done. I hate boring coffee mugs. I like them to be funny or pretty so you will never find a boring mug in our house. It makes for an interesting moment when my Dad comes over and I hand him a mug that says "Girl, You Are One Boss Bitch" (Click here to buy).

7:30am: Olivia wakes up so Rich wakes up. He requires much more sleep than I do- or so he says. Rich makes breakfast because beyond cereal, I would just ruin it. I "made" pancakes the other day
R: Hey! These look good! Good Job.
T: Yea, just don't turn them over.

8am: Rich and I trade off getting ready for the day. I take extra long showers because this is my rare alone time. Am I the only weirdo who brushes their teeth in the shower?

9am: Rich leaves for work and the 2 vs 1 battle begins. I throw on the Sirius XM radio and Olivia and I either color or I sew giving her extra fabric to pretend she's sewing with too. Until her first nap time we just play indoors. If she's cranky I give her a bath because she loves her bath time then it's Liam's bath time. I can't wait until I can put them in the tub together. 2 birds 1 boulder. If I have quite a bit to do I'll wave my little white flag and enlist in Elmo or Mickey Mouse's help and let her zombie out in front of the tv.

11am: Nap time! AKA YAYYYYY!! During nap time I will either fold laundry, workout, nap, blog, sew, meal prep, read, whatever needs to get done that is impossible to do when the kids are awake.

1pm: Both kids are up and weather permitting we'll hang out outside or go to the park. I don't like going to the park with both kids solo yet because Olivia wants and requires someone to play along with her so she doesn't fall off the playground and it's hard to do with Liam wrapped up on me. Hanging out in the driveway with bubbles and chalk usually is our go-to.

4pm: Rich is home so I throw the kids at him and run away. Half Kidding. I'm very lucky that Rich has short shifts Monday - Friday. One of the many perks of working for yourself/your family. One of us starts cooking dinner.

5pm: After dinner we'll go for a family walk, go out for Fro-Yo, or watch a movie in the man cave, theatre room, play room. Our now family room used to be Rich's man cave with a vending machine, football jerseys hung, autographed balls displayed, and expensiveness just everywhere ready to be broken. Slowly he packed things away and our today looks like this:

8pm: Olivia goes to bed. Rich and I clean up the mess of the day. We'll then either go to bed to catch up on sleep or stay up for a couple hours catching up on our favorite NSFK(kids) shows.

Things don't always go according to plan of course. Take yesterday for example, I packed both kids up, extra diapers, got everyone's socks and shoes and sweatshirts on, buckled them both up, and drove to Target. The moment I pulled into an amazing parking spot right by the door and the cart corral I turned around and both kids were passed out. Taking a tired toddler to Target is about as appealing as shaving my head so I went to the Panera drive through and ate my salad in the van quietly as they slept.

Winters are much more calm and fun because both of us are home all day with the kids so we go to the children's museum, shop more, and generally leave the house more often.

Our summers are crazy because that's our crunch time to make money. The house usually goes to shit with schedules getting all mixed up. This is when we just wing it, cross our fingers, see how it goes type of days.


  1. Oh Love these types of posts. I actually started to make a video of our weekend, but then after breakfast all hell broke loose, no not really, I just forgot my camera when I went to Target, and there was no more room on my cell phone and then I just said, screw the whole thing, next weekend is better anyway. LOL.

  2. Amazing! I love how balanced your day is. Especially impressive is the way you make use of your morning alarm clock to get some important stuff out of the way.

  3. Nope, you're not the only one...I totally brush my teeth in the shower too!


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