Friday afternoon I got confirmation that my headbands will be sold in a boutique in St. Augustine, FL! Amazing!!! More on this later. I saw the initial order and realized I needed more thread - quick. I bravely packed up both kids and loaded them in the mini van for a thrilling adventure to JoAnn Fabrics. Easy enough, right? Wrong. Wrong-o.

Liam fell asleep on the ride and Her Royal Highness barked "wa wa! wa wa!" pointing at my coffee the entire ride. When we arrived someone jacked my parking space I was going to take (had my blinker on and everything!!!) so I mean mugged him the entire time we were in the store. A solo man who just needed the space closest to the door. It's cool, I can lug a 25 pound toddler and 40 pound car seat half way through the parking lot, it's cool.

Olivia showed less than perfect behavior while we were in there (I know, soooooo unlike her, right?)

+ Stood up in the cart and trust fell towards me. She's become too trusting of me.

+ Made me yell "Don't throw your shoe at your brother!" while in the checkout line.

+ Ripped a page out of a coloring book that I then had to purchase. It was a picture of an owl and she shoved it in my face saying "Hoohoo HooHoo!"

+ Unraveled a spool of pom pom grabbing it as I walked away with the cart.

+ Threw her sunglasses on the floor 5357645 times.

When we got home this was in the mail. Coincidence?

Guess which child holds the 'favorite' title today? Hint:

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