Dining out Fail (otherwise known as every time we go out to eat now)

Sunday morning we tried going to Perkins to have breakfast because
1. I was out of coffee
2. Neither of us wanted to cook
3. We're insane in thinking both kids would behave and we could enjoy a meal
Take a gander at our table
1. Where is everyone? Rich is chasing Olivia who wanted to look at all the "kickees" (cookies) in the front display. I'm comforting a wailing Liam while my beloved coffee cools to an undesirable temp.
2. Poker chips?? Yes. Olivia's new favorite word is "money" and insists (insists!) on bringing her money everywhere with her. She still won't say I love you but she got money down...
3. That creamer is not mine. I like my coffee black. Olivia bit into one of them and got a mouth full of creamer. She then toddler flailed her arms in a WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! fashion. She didn't learn because she grabbed another and did it again.
4. She was pissed that bear "ticker" wouldn't tick onto anything.
Not a real sticker.
5. We were seated in the back and NOBODY was around us so I decided to give nursing in public a try. A gang of hung over frat boys was seated right next to us followed by an elderly couple right in front of us. Bottle it is...
6. One of those waters ended up in my lap
7. This is the face Pleasant Polly makes every time we go out to eat and a server asks us how our food is.
8. That gob of butter isn't whipped cream. She found out the hard way.
9. Not in a high chair, she grabbed a chair from an empty table because she refused to sit next to Rich or I in the booth and of course she is the head of our family's table as she typically runs things.
10. Enough was enough so we took our kickees to go.
All food lately are called cookies and if any of you tell her any differently I swear to God.....

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