Easter 2015

I'm sure you've read 15,676 blog posts already about everyone's Easter Sunday so make that 15,677 now. Olivia is finally at the age where she understands and is excited for holidays so our family holidays are much more exciting than they have been in pasts as Olivia and Liam are the first and only grandchildren, niece and nephew for everyone. No spoiling around here WHATsoever.

The blue dye on her now-in-the-trash onesie is from her thinking the dye was "deuce" and tried drinking it
We woke up bright and early for an Easter Egg hunt with the church. Each kid was allowed 25 eggs before they should help the little kids out to find eggs so everyone got a fair shot. We stayed in the little kid area so Olivia was happy (as were her not-too-much-chocolate-please-parents) with her 6 eggs find. My brother coordinated the church egg hunt and knew where all the hidden eggs were and gave her hints where to look (under the cones!)

Being Minnesota it was under 40 degrees so we had to bundle up and head home quickly due to the cold and already-forming nasty coughs and colds from both kids.

After everyone's afternoon siestas (even Mom got a nap) we headed to Grandma's house for more egg hunts, ham, and baskets. Olivia ate about 1/4 inch of food before running off and finding the majority of the hidden eggs as we ate. She got prizes for the big eggs she found (a bubble lawn mower, Elmo doll, talking puppy, etc.) and TOO MANY TREATS. She was covered in jelly-bean-pez-sucker-chocolate-goo when we got home and happily took a bath with her new bath toys from her basket from Grandpa where she drew on the walls, had a pink and purple bubble bath and dreamt of warmer weather to be able to scribble in the driveway with her new chalk and blow bubbles.

After 16 thorough teeth brushings she was off to bed where Rich was surprised with his own Easter Egg Hunt: A "reasons why I love you" hunt stuffed with the handwritten reasons why I love him and a couple of his favorite candies: Peanut M&Ms. (Easter isn't JUST for the kids). He wondered aloud if there was an airplane bottle of Jack in the eggs so mental note for next year to include one of those... then we cuddled together with some wine laughing about the kids and their fun day together as they slept. Sorry if I just made you barf.

I'm gonna have to have a talk with my mother in law about the amount of candy provided "for the kids" because I've polished off about 25 mini Reece's Pieces so far with no plans to share the rest...

Happy Easter Readers! 

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  1. Haha I have eaten so much easter candy too. What a sweet thing you did for Rich. I have no idea how you have the time to do everything you do! I love Olivia's sweet little Easter outfit.


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