Five on Friday: The Week

I'm pretty stoked about my new mug I bought from WeeStructed. I'm thinking I reaaaaaalllly need that pink pullover hoodie.
Business is booming! I now have one "employee" on my roster and am sold in two stores! My turnaround time has increased to approximately a week but I am busting ass and so proud of my little shop that isn't even 3 months old yet! I just sent a package to Katie Holmes for Little Miss Suri Cruise! Shocked face emoji all over. I will be featured in Cupcake Magazine at the end of June so I'm working on getting professional photos done and finding a child that ENJOYS wearing my headbands since my daughter WILL.NOT.ALLOW. anything to be in her hair.
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My very first craft show is tomorrow and I'm equal parts nervous and excited. My friend and I are showcasing a table together. I have to leave Liam for the first time ever since he was born and find time to go pump in the mini-van so interesting stories all around. More on that tomorrow I'm sure.
Our annual golf tournament is this Sunday so in true Rich and Teri fashion we put everything off until the last minute so we're frantically stuffing goodie bags and counting tees for the "guess how many tees" jar. My living room this morning:
We're screen printing towels and shirts while making golf-themed jello shots and rounding up all the donations we've acquired for the raffle tables. All proceeds go to charity so it's a wonderful thing to be a part of. Blog on this on Sunday- if I'm not too buzzed from the day drinking....
We're going to Arizona! Rich's cousin is getting married and I can't wait for a vacation to somewhere new we've never been. Not so stoked for the plane ride with a 9 month old and 2 year old. The minute we got the invitation in the mail I simultaneously started googling flights and dresses to wear. Rich says I'm nuts. I say I'm a planner. Thoughts on this jumper in black for the rehearsal dinner???
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