Mom Fash

Rich recently commented on my new "style" and how more and more I'm dressing like a Mom. I of course took his loving joke as "Here's my credit card, go shopping." Apparently that's NOT what he meant but I now no longer look like I'm heading the bake sale or wearing pajamas all day everyday anymore. I rounded up my favorite cozy pieces because gone are the days of the latest uncomfortable trends, heels, and body clinching crop tops. Comfortable does NOT need to just be yoga pants and an old college sweatshirt. I call the layout below "Hooray! I left the house today!"  

I still have to decide which kimono to purchase but I'm loving the trend. This is especially helpful when I'm wearing a nursing tank and jeans to dress up the look and not interfere with being able to quickly pull 'em out.
Attention Rich! Attention Rich! I need these earrings and Scrooge Mc.O'Neil will be happy to see that they're on sale. Mother's Day is around the corner. Jus'sayin.
I'm steering away from flip flops for someone my age. They were great in my early and even mid twenties (and cheap too!) But I think I'll leave the clomp clomp noise for the younger gals. I'm either wearing dressing sandals like these Sandals or "boat shoes". The key is to have them be quick to slip on because I'm already wrestling four little feet and don't need to add difficult straps and ties and buckles to my regimen.
Jumpers aren't just for little girls. This Romper is not only cute but saves time on laundry since it's a one piece. See? I'm saving the environment while looking delightful and a gal who likes to have fun. Or I just look lazy. Whatever. Look at all my cares.
Since my stomach skin looks somewhat like the folds and rolls of a Shar Pei I steer clear of very tight tops for the time being. This Tunic doubles as a fashionable top and a way to cover up the calamity underneath.
I already bought two of these pairs of Shorts and ready to buy more. They are SO COMFORTABLE. They run in S,M,L which is always my preferred mode of sizing as opposed to the scary even numbers that are pants sizes. I have a ton of pairs of denim shorts but for some reason they just don't look appropriate anymore. Throw those in the 'donate' bin.
Almost every single day I'm wearing Jeans similar to these. I love the skinny boyfriend fit because it's flattering on someone tall like me. If you're on the shorter side these would look great paired with some heels or tall wedges.
Comfortable tees are the name in my closet game (what?). I'm currently wearing this Orange Tee
So I have yet to buy any of these White Jeans because they're a little intimidating but I would love to try this trend. Having two littles under two may not be the best with these. If this morning wasn't an indication of why I should dodge white I don't know what is: Olivia filled her mouth up with milk, looked right at me and raspberried all over my face and shirt. Now I stink. Maybe one day I'll get brave and try the white jean trend. I'm sure they'll be out of style by then and I'll just look ridiculous.
What's new though?

I vow to never wear a 9-inch zipper, keds, wind breaker pants, and to always save my granny panties for period days only.
Scouts Honor. 


  1. I'm also still weighing up my kimono choice. I have a few pairs of loungey pant *cough* yoga pants *cough* and I need to jazz them up sometimes.

    1. Ohhh trust me I still rock the bootcut lycra pants.

  2. Great picks! Love the Kimono and the jumper. I can never find a jumper that fits right.


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