Nipple Confusion

On Sunday we met with potential nannies for the kids. Thankfully the kids were sweet and innocent and cuddly and totally unlike their yesterday-selves. Saturday-Olivia wouldn't share with a little girl, screeched at the top of her lungs repeatedly, stole an old man's cheese balls, and jacked a little kid's bike. Sunday-Olivia snuggled up with potential nanny #1 giving her hugs and smiles and even said her name. Don't tell her aunties who have been very actively trying to get her to say their names unsuccessfully for nearly two years.

It's safe to say who the kid's favorite is. Even Biscuit had a favorite which means Rich and Teri have a favorite.

While we were chatting she asked if Liam took pacifiers since Olivia had a pile hoarded in her sweatshirt pocket. Convo:

T: No, not really. I mean he will for Rich sometimes.

R: You know, I don't have nipples to soothe him so....

N: *Awkward chuckles*

T: *Eye rolls*

The conversation carries on.
5 minutes later and in the middle of a new subject....

R: (Interrupts) Well I DO have nipples, just not (pointing at my chest)... ya know...

T: I'm glad we cleared that up.

She loves our kids, our kids love her and she can laugh at nipple jokes.

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