+ Why is "Bruce Jenner" on our calendar?    
(I know I'm not the only one who had that interview on their family calendar for weeks.)

+ When I was creating an "About Me" for my shop's Instagram page:
T: What should I write? I'm getting stuck.
R: (singing) I'm a bitch. I'm a lover. I'm a child. I'm a mother....

+ Talking about our golf tournament:
R: Will you be the emcee for the day? (He's even more shy than I am at times)
T: Yea, I mean if I'm buzzed, sure.
R: If?

+ On a Friday night:
R: Can the kids just please get sleepy? I just want to play Yahtzee.
Party Hardy

+ While reading this page to the kids

R: Hey it's Mama!

+ A boy scout rang the doorbell and said he was collecting canned donations and asked if we had any. Rich was the one who answered the door so I collected in the kitchen. I brought the kid a few items including a jar of pizza sauce. 
R: What?! That's good stuff! Give him some gross shit.
T: Rich!
R: What? He's not eating it, he doesn't care 
BS: Yeah, I don't care. 
T: Stop it! (scolding both of them)
Keep in mind the boy was like 15, he didn't say 'shit' in front of a 7 year old or anything. Still inappropriate though, I know. 
Rich ran to the attached garage quick and came back with a bag FULL of other items and said
R: Here I'll trade you
All for the pizza sauce....

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