Third Annual Golf Tournament

Rich has been coordinating a charity golf tournament for the Midwest Showmen's club for three years now with me helping collect sponsors, donations, and organizing the games at each hole and making important things like these jello shots: 

Green jello
Red construction paper

Jello recipes call for a cup of boiling water and a cup of cold water. I just sub the cup of cold water for a cup of vodka. Easy peasy. 

We donate all proceeds to charity and everyone gets to get together before the season begins and play golf, eat, compete for raffle prizes, and day drink. 

Our raffle prizes this year were incredible! We had seats to a pedal pub, overnight stays at casinos, scotch, a $300 Lexus Valet Package, Mall of America packages, restaurant certificates, Twins gear, tickets to sporting events and much more. Of course I didn't win anything as usual... 

Photo dump!

Not pictured: The 3rd place medals. Rich was able to hop on the last team and won 3rd place after a golf-off to break the tie for 3rd. 

We brought our jump house, basketball hoop and other activities for all the kids to keep busy with. Thankfully we had a bunch of bored teenagers who were willing to watch the kids. 

Liam slept nearly the entire time and gave Rich and my arms a break being passed around by all the women and teenage girls. 

Get that money man

Olivia and Sebastian brought their own golf club sets

Oh Jessica... So I brought our golf cart so that my friends and I could drive around taking photos for the yearbook, doing beer runs and giving the volunteers that were stuck at the holes bathroom breaks. Jess decides she can make the cart up the hill with the cooler on the back. Clearly that hill was too steep and ---- crash! 

Third hole was the watering hole and where golfers got my jello shots. A hit! 

Fun day for all involved. 

At registration we had a "Guess how many tees" jar. The winner guessed 420 with the correct total being 601. AM registration included coffee, bloodies, and donuts. 
Every other hole had a game/challenge for the teams to compete on. There was a fishing hole, watering hole, hula hoop challenge, longest putt, longest drive, and others I didn't even get to make it to. We had a taco bar waiting back at the clubhouse for everyone as they finished and drew the winners for all the raffles. 
We raised a few thousand dollars for some great causes and are already planning events for next year. 

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